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Dumbbell Reviews
Dumbbell Reviews

Dumbbell Reviews

Adjustable dumbbells are the the most popular dumbbells among strength training enthusiasts. While there are several reasons for their growing popularity, including their compactness, durability, ease of use, price, and of course, their ability to be adjusted, you need to keep a few things in mind before you purchase a pair.

Listed below are several dumbbell reviews, ordered by their average user ratings. However, you should keep the following in mind:

Brand – While several manufacturers sell dumbbells, there are really only 2 that you should look into – Bowflex and PowerBlock. These two are head and shoulders above the rest, both in terms of design and durability.

Shape – Dumbbells come in two different shapes – round and square. There isn’t a case of one is better than the other, as it is all down to personal preference; however, keep in mind that square-shaped dumbbells are generally considered to be harder to grip.

Amount of Resistance – Your own fitness goals and personal preferences will determine how much resistance you need.

Ease of Use – Ease of use only really comes down to one thing – how simple it is to change the plates. If it’s a difficult or time-consuming process and you’re planning on using the dumbbells everyday, then look to other models.

4.8 – PowerBlock Elite 90

4.7 – PowerBlock Classic Adjustable Dumbbell Set

4.6 – Bowflex SelectTech 1090

4.5 – Bowflex SelectTech 552