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Dynamic Resistant Training: Principles and Health Benefits

dynamic resistance training benefits

You may hear many fitness trainers speak about dynamic resistant training – sometimes also called training without weights. In case you were curious about this type of workout, we are here to present you with the basics, detailing on its main principles and health benefits.

What Is Dynamic Resistant Training?

Basically, it is a variety of exercise aimed to build strength working his muscles against a resistance. What people need to know, however, is that many usual workouts involve resistance training – we are thinking mainly about push ups, motionless planks and plenty of Pilates exercises which involve the body’s own weight to build muscles. Resistant training is, therefore, a core element of a wide variety of techniques and routines.

However, many dynamic resistant training exercises involve stackable resistance bands sets, ankle straps and door anchors to push you into working certain groups of muscles or your whole body, depending on your needs. Putting the muscles under constant tension allows you to build strength and get your whole body into shape. Biceps curls are one such example, but you can get creative and make the best use of the door anchors or ankle straps.

Dynamic Resistant Training Benefits

As a complex workout, dynamic resistant training is recommended to all who want to build some muscle and bone strength and endurance. Keeping your muscle groups under pressure boost your metabolism, works your cardiovascular system and burns some calories while beautifully defining your biceps, chest or abs.

One of the greatest benefits of this type of workout is that it can be safely adopted by seniors and even seniors suffering from arthritis. If resistance bands are involved, they can offer a satisfying and therapeutic exercise to people having shoulder problems or dealing with rotator cuff or knee problems. In these cases, some lighter bands are recommended, together with the supervision of a personal trainer or a physical therapist, but the results are quite satisfying. In seniors, the dynamic resistant training with bands has the main benefit of stretching their muscles and tendons, which is necessary for their wellbeing, offering them a wider range of movements and the strength to carry or lift heavier things.

Other types of benefits are of practical nature: you don’t always have time to go to the gym and it is rather hard to follow your workout schedule when you are away from home with work or travel. But resistance bands can find room in any travel bag (or a home closet for that matter), allowing you to exercise and build on your strength no matter how busy you are. Some people simply resent going to the gym, favoring home workouts. In any case, dynamic resistant training with bands is the perfect, affordable and functional solution to get in shape and stay in shape no matter the age or the level of workout experience.

One Word of Advice

To some, resistant training may look easy and effortless – and if it doesn’t involve weights may look even easy – but it is not. Never begin a session of dynamic resistance training with bands without a proper cardio routine beforehand. It will warm up the muscles you are about to push beyond normal levels of endurance, keep your heart pumping for strength and resistance and get your stamina going.

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