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Best Elliptical Machines, Elliptical trainer reviews, elliptical machine weight loss

Elliptical trainer reviews, Elliptical machine weight loss

Elliptical trainer Reviews for 2017 – Best Elliptical Machines with Comparisons & Buying Guide

‘Elliptical trainers can be a great addition to your gym or may be the one piece you rely on for cardio exercise. They give good quality workout with less impact to your joints than traditional treadmills and, depending the style you choose, they can also be a great upper body workout as well. But how do you choose the best one with the wide variety available? Most times it is going to depend on your needs and the features you feel to be most important.’      Elliptical machine weight loss


When choosing a trainer, you want a product that is of high quality so that it will last you years. A higher quality build will also prevent things like excessive noise and a shaky machine. If you are looking at machines in a store, carefully examine the materials used and how the machine is constructed. It feels unstable or is made of cheap plastic you may find it will not last as long as you would like.


The size of the machine will not only be important when trying to fit in your home but also ensures you get the best possible workout. Make sure you read the recommend height and weight guidelines when looking for an elliptical and find one that will meet your needs. If the machine is too large, you may end up hurting yourself by straining to use it, and if it is too small you may not get the workout you are looking for.


Many machines now come with as many features as your cell phone. But how many additional features you will need will depend on your own personal preferences. Some basic options a good elliptical should have are programmable workout settings and a heart rate monitor to make sure you are not over exerting yourself. You should also pick a machine that allows you to enter your weight and height to ensure the programmable workouts are set your body requirement.

Some additional features that are nice to have but not necessary are USB plug-ins for phones and music players. Some machines also come with LCD screens that allow you to watch TV or browse the internet during your workout.


Do not feel that you need to spend additional money on extended warranties but choose a machine that comes with at least a 2 year warranty to ensure that any malfunctions or broken or defective parts will be replaced.

A good quality machine should last you anywhere from 5 to 10 years with regular maintenance. And according to Consumer Reports, those who spent their money on a higher quality machine were more satisfied that those who bought based on price alone. However, it is important to choose a machine that fits your needs as well as your budget.

5 typical mistakes you make on the elliptical trainer

These Workout Mistakes Will Slow Down your Progress

With  weather getting worse and worse people begin to use the cardio machines more and more. Mostly the elliptical trainers, due to the smooth movement it provides. Within the last 10-15 years the number of elliptical trainers grew by 7 times. And while you may be proud of yourself for visiting the gym more regularly than in the summer you should extend your elliptical workout and sometimes spinning to train your legs before the “main workouts. But reading or watching TV doesn’t support your efforts. Check out the most common mistake in the gym, while you are doing cardio – typicall on an elliptical trainer and – obviously how to fix them, so you can max out your calories burned and having fun.

1. Your machine sounds like a jet before take-off

In case you hear all the sounds coming from your elliptical machine you’re exercising, it means that you go a much higher pace without enough resistance—which means you are training in an aerobic level, where you doesn’t burn calories, you just burn carbohydrates, which you need for your exercise afterwards. Better you keep a steady, more moderate pace at a resistance that forces you to use your muscles and more you put your heart rate up and the noise of the machine should be all in the background

2. You go just in one direction

Going foreword is the usual direction, but you can gain by going backwards. Firstly it stops you from getting bored, secondly it activates other muscle groups and thirdly, while moving backwards puts emphasis on your hamstrings and gluts, where the forwards motion fatigues your quads. If you want to get the most of your elliptical training, just get back slightly, like you were simulating sitting and keep your knees at a 90-degree angle as you stride. Do you feel the burn? Yes, now we’re talking ;o)

3. You have the same warm-up plan since a couple of months

In case you get bored on your cardio machine, what about a little „game“ => called „Intervals“? You break up the monotony and boost your calorie burn. You can be done by:
a. You change your pace, but keep the resistance constant (1 minute = fasst pace; 4 minutes =moderate) or
b. You change your resistance, but keep your pace constant (again 1 minute = fast pace; 4 minutes =moderate).

4. You love „your elliptical machine“

The first thing you do after entering the gym – you go straight to „your elliptical“ every time, but it is better to use different cardio machines. After some hours on „your elliptical“ you leave the gym – and that’s. It would be better to combine your cardio with weight training or practise on other equipment, such as the stepper or the rowing machine. By combining all those machines and movements the variety keeps you from getting bored and your body from getting easily used to a single movement. With weight training yu can build up muscle mass and this, will keep your metabolism up – burning more calories, even while you sleep.

5. You just work your legs, but not your upper half

Research shows, that leaning on machines armrests reduces the calorie burning. Standing up straight helps you lengthen your abs and engages your core muscles – even work your upper body muscles. This makes your training and cardio much more complete than just working out your legs. So you better include the handles regularly to put your whole body to work. So hang on the handles. When you start working your upper nad lower body, you can also try intervals (see #3). Focussing on your arms for 1 minute, followed by concentrating on your legs for 4 minutes. Then repeat through your workout. So – you can engage even more muscles—and blast even more fat.

And one more thing ;o) – the machines are calibrated for a 150 pound person. Better you put in your personal details. This will help you get a more accurate calorie calculation, while the goal is to burn around 100 calories per 10 minutes.    Elliptical machine weight loss

Elliptical machine weight loss

Under $600 Elliptical Reviews

Under $600 Ellipticals
Elliptical trainer reviews

Ellipticals that retail for under $600 are often good enough for the majority of users who are looking to lose weight or stay in shape. While they do not come with as many programs or resistance settings as more expensive models, they are able to offer users a smooth elliptical motion (stride).

However, taller users may have to look at more expensive models, as they may feel a bit confined as they workout – the stride is usually between 14 and 17 inches.                Elliptical machine weight loss

+++ Top gear in its class +++ Just check the reviews below +++

4.4 – Xterra Elliptical

4.1 – ProForm Hybrid Trainer

4.0 – Lifespan E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

+++ good +++

3.9Exerpeutic 1000Xl

3.6 – Body Champ BRM2720

3.6 – Body Rider BRD2000

3.2 – Schwinn A40

3.0 – Body Champ BRM3600

Elliptical machine weight loss

$600-$999 Elliptical trainer Reviews

Elliptical trainer reviews , Elliptical machine weight loss

The following ellipticals often come with more programs and resistance settings than models which retail for under $600. Slightly longer strides can also be found in this price range, as well as a smoother elliptical motion.

These models are often backed by a better warranty, and also have the ability to measure your pulse as you work out, to a good degree of accuracy.

+++ Top gear in its class +++ Just check the reviews below +++

4.0- LifeSpan E3i Elliptical Cross Trainer Review

4.6Precor 240i

4.5TruPace E220

+++ good +++

4.4Best Fitness E1

4.3Kettler Axos Cross P

4.3 – Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine Review

4.2Schwinn 470

4.0Schwinn 520

4.0 Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer 

Elliptical machine weight loss

$1,000-$1,999 Elliptical Reviews

Elliptical trainer reviews
Elliptical trainer reviews

The following models are a good choice for those who can’t quite justify spending $2,000+ on an elliptical trainer yet still want a machine that features a good amount of programs and resistance settings .

The length of the stride also tends to be longer, so you’ll find some of these models in gyms across the country, to cater for short, tall, thin and overweight users. The computer console is also a bit more advanced, and the readings are rarely off – i.e. calories burned, distance, pulse etc.

+++ Top gear in its class +++ Just check the reviews below +++

4.1Smooth Fitness CE-3.6

4.1Sole E95

4.0Smooth Fitness Agile DMT-X2

+++ good +++

3.8AFG 3.1 AE

Elliptical trainer reviews

$2,000+ Elliptical Reviews

Elliptical trainer reviews
Elliptical trainer reviews

The following ellipticals are the best the industry has to offer. You’ll find that they are backed by a much better warranty than cheaper models, come equipped with many more programs and resistance settings, often offer a more comfortable workout experience, and only the highest quality parts and components have been used in the manufacturing process, so their build quality can’t be doubted.

For all these reasons you’ll usually find these models in gyms, but it’s not unheard of to find one of these models in homes across the country.

+++ Top gear in its class +++ Just check the reviews below +++

5.0HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT-1000

+++ good  +++

4.1Captiva – Elliptical Trainer Machine (Cardio Core Training Series)

4.0Precor EFX 5.37

4.0Smooth Fitness Agile DMT Trainer

Elliptical trainer reviews,Elliptical machine weight loss