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Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill Review

Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill Review
Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill Review

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Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill Review


The Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill is not one of the most popular treadmills on the market, but we are struggling to understand why this is the case.Perhaps it is because it has been priced just shy of $4,000 for awhile.

But with the price having recently been slashed by almost 50% by some retailers, we expect the T10HRC to be seen in gyms and fitness centers across the country. However, this doesn’t mean that we feel that it is the best treadmill on the market, but it is certainly up there.


Not many other treadmills can rival the T10HRC when it comes to workout variety. It comes equipped with 25 fitness programs which have been designed by leading athletic trainers. Program modes include: interval, running, walking, cardiovascular, calories, time, heart rate, fat burn, manual, distance and custom learner. These programs are fun and do an excellent job of helping you stay motivated, so you can achieve your fitness goals.


The Endurance T10HRC comes equipped with an endurance 3.0 horsepower motor, which is designed to put the performance and horsepower of home-use treadmills to shame. To ensure efficient performance for years to come, each motor features Pulse Width Modulation technology, in addition to being air-cooled to avoid overheating. It is also refreshing to see that Endurance have taken steps to deal with power surges via an integrated circuit breaker.

The combination of the motor and the Poly-V-Belt Drive System does a good job of making sure that users can enjoy a quiet workout experience, allowing you to read a book or watch a film as you workout, which is a nice touch.

The treadmill’s speed varies from 0.5 mph to 10 mph, and the elevation from 0 to 15%.


Endurance T10HRC Computer Monitor
Endurance T10HRC Commercial Treadmill Review

The Endurance T10HRC crystal clear LED display monitors everything you would expect it to, including calories burned, speed, distance, time, elevation and heart rate. There isn’t much else to say, apart from that all the readings are accurate, and the display is oversized for easy readability.

Joint Protection

The shock absorption system and what is known as a Suspended Running Surface (SRS) do an excellent job of protecting the joints from damage, even during marathon running sessions. Clearly, this is beneficial for everyone, but particularly for older users, which explains why this is one of the most popular treadmills that can be found in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.


The Endurance T10HRC comes with a lifetime warranty.


77 x 32 x 57 inches

297 pounds

User Reviews

Since its release, the Endurance T10HRC has been exceptionally well received, with users praising the sturdiness of the machine, the minimal impact felt on the joints, as well as the unrivaled warranty. Surprisingly, users have found nothing to complain about.

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Any Complaints?

Our only complaint with this treadmill is that it is very heavy, weighing in at 297 pounds. Therefore, you might have to get a couple of friends to help you put it in the location of your choice, or pay somebody to do so.

Anything Else You Should Know?

There isn’t much to add. All you need to know is that the Endurance T10HRC is very well-built, reliable, packed with features and should last you for years to come. It is a little on the expensive side, but we feel that it is worth the steep price, especially as it is considered to be a commercial treadmill.

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