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Exercise Stubborn Areas: 3 Thighs, Hips and Butt Workouts

Exercise Stubborn Areas

Exercise Stubborn Areas

Most women feel rather displeased with their thighs, hips and butts, as these are some of the most problematic areas: vulnerable to cellulite and hard to keep in shape with diets or fitness programs. Working inner thighs, reducing your hips’ size or lifting your butt require prolonged exercises, time, patience and quite a bit of effort. Today we will take a look at three methods to exercise stubborn areas in the comfort of your home with proved results.

1. Thighs Toner and Squeezing (Exercise Stubborn Areas)

A high-quality thighs and hips toning device should get your body in the shape you want it to be. Such a popular piece of equipment is easy to use and proved to be satisfactory. It should be covered with durable, yet comfortable foam and provided with a flexible spring core for a home workout. In order to use it optimally, sit on a sturdy chair with your feet on the floor. Place the thighs toner between your thighs and squeeze it (using only your thighs) while exhaling. Hold for at least a minute as you breathe normally, inhale and repeat. A reliable thighs toner should also work great to exercise your hips, upper arms, chest and stomach.

2. Step-up Bench with Dumbbells

Get a sturdy, reliable step-up bench and a pair of light (or medium) weight dumbbells. Exercise your thighs, hips, glutes, butt and shoulders by holding a dumbbell in each hand, sitting next to the bench – lengthwise. Start with your right foot and step up on the bench, while leaving the left one lifted on the side. Step down with the left foot on the floor, tap with the right then immediately step up again. Repeat the movements with as little pause as you can afford. Do at least 30 sessions with the right foot, and then switch sides.

3. Stability Ball and Flutter Kicks

There are many reasons why exercise balls are great companions for home exercise. One of them is that they can help you shape up and exercise stubborn areas. Specialists say that lifting the butt and firming your thighs and hips need a lot of workouts and a bit of a fight against gravity as well. Take a stability ball and lie with your abs on top of it, keeping your hands on the floor under your shoulders and your legs in a parallel position with the floor and well extended. Start rotating out your thighs lightly, with your heels pointing in. Begin small flutter kicks with one leg at a time. Remember to use your entire leg as you kick, especially involving the glutes in the movement. Switch legs after 25 to 30 kicks / leg.

There are plenty of moves, fitness exercises and home gym products you can use to firm and exercise your stubborn areas. Find the devices or fitness programs that suit you best and start working out today! You will enjoy health and looks benefits in no time!

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