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Exerpeutic exercise bike Reviews

Exerpeutic Exercise Bike ReviewsExerpeutic is the most popular manufacturer of exercise bikes for people on a budget. Their bikes often retail for less than $200, yet score highly on build quality, workout effectiveness, and quietness in operation. However, as you might expect, the bikes suffer from a couple of issues as aconsequence of keeping prices so low.


Very Affordable – When I was looking to stay in shape the first bike I bought was an Exerpeutic. They are so cheap that people who simply want to improve their overall health while watching T.V (I was in this group) will have an incredibly hard time finding anything better.

Construction Quality – Exerpeutic bikes are a perfect example why you should never make assumptions. Judging by their low prices, you would expect them to fall apart after a month or two, but this is very rarely the case. Just check online reviews as proof.

Quiet – All of Exerpeutic’s bikes are quiet when in operation, making them ideal for apartment dwellers, families, and those who like to read or watch TV as they exercise.

Compact – Due to these bikes’ compactness they are a good choice for those with limited space. They are also light enough to be moved around by one person.


Inaccurate Computer Monitor – You shouldn’t expect the computer readings to be accurate. You shouldn’t actually expect this from any bike that retails for under $500. Just think of the inclusion of a computer monitor as a bonus.

Limited Warranty – As you might expect, the warranty of these bikes isn’t the best although, as mentioned, few users have run into any issues. A 1-year parts and 90-day warranty is typical.


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