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First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower Review

First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower Review

First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower Review
First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower Review

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First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower Review

The First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower is an older rowing machine (once sold as the Evolution E520) that is still considered to be one of the best quality rowing machines today. This rower is a high end water resistance rower that has air glide seat roller and a direct drive system. This rower is well made and extremely durable with a contoured ergonomic rower handle and transit wheels for easy maneuverability.

Some special features of this rower includes the higher seat height that makes getting on and off the seat easier, and the heel support system. This rower has an anodized alumium seat rollers and has a USB port and online connectivity. The rower can be stored vertically taking up very little space.

Another interesting feature of this rower is that water tank is off to the side rather than in the front of the rower. It also needs very little maintenance.

We like that this rower accommodates people of various weights and has a rather high weight capacity making it a good choice for heavier individuals who may want to shed excess pounds and become fitter.

We also find that this rower has one of the best warranties we have ever seen making the rather high price of this machine more easy for people to understand. The rather high price tag for this rower may be off putting to some, however for those who are looking for a good rowing machine that will prove useful for years to come then the price may actually seem to be a bargain.


The E-520 rower is about as comfortable as you are going to find in any fitness machine. The rower has a seat height that is padded and is about the height of an office chair. The seat glides smoothly on the rails and the Height adjustable foot plates helps keeps your legs from cramping making for an overall more comfortable workout experience.


This rower has a fairly easy to read display that gives you the basic information including time, distance, strokes per minutes, and calories burned. It also has a HR monitor and an interval training feature. The display also takes 2AA batteries for power.

Workout Programs

This rower does not come with any dedicated workout programs, but it does have an interval training feature.

Resistance Levels

This rower offers users 20 resistance levels that can be changed by the use of a lever on the water tank.


This is a fair sized rower measuring 75.2” X 32.2” X 4 inches and weighing 150 pounds. This rower however, can be stood up vertically when not being used so it takes up very little space.

Weight Capacity

The E-520 resistance rower has a 450 pound weight capacity, making it possible to be used by people who need this rower the most.


The E-520 has an excellent warranty with 10 years on the frame, 3 years on the water tank and seals and 2 years on the mechanisms.


Reviews for the E-520 resistance rower couldn’t be much better. Users find this rower to be extremely easy to assemble and noted that the materials used in this rower are high quality. Users note that this rower is well made and apt to last for years of daily use. They also like that the rower is easy to move and store.

Users really like the higher seat on this rower, making it easy to use for people who have difficulty getting down and up. It also makes it possible to workout for longer periods of time without feeling any discomfort.

People who have actually rowed on water like that this rower mimics the rowing action and feel of rowing on water and even like the swish of the rower as you row away.

Users find that this rower is quiet and helps them improve their fitness levels or lose weight. The 20 levels of resistance is perfect for users of all fitness levels and should accommodate your own growing fitness.


There are a couple of complaints regarding the E-520, but the complaints seem minor especially compared to most complaints regarding other fitness equipment. The complaints that users have is that the LCD is not backlit making it difficult to view if you are working out in room with low lighting. Some users do complain that this rower takes up a lot of room and in addition, a few users complain about the price.


We find the First Degree Fitness E-520 Fluid rower to be an extremely well made and durable rower that should meet the needs of people of all different fitness levels. While it does come with a high price tag, the price is worth it for those who are dedicated to a continuing fitness routine.

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First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rower Review

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