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First Degree Rowing MachinesFirst Degree Fitness, founded in 2000 with the goal of providing users with a “perfectly tailored workout,” manufactures some of the very best rowing machines in the industry. It is for this reason that their rowers do not come cheap, with the majority retailing for over $1,000; but with stellar performance and excellent durability it’s easy to see why this is the case.


Construction Quality – There’s no doubt that that First Degree Fitness rowers are very well-constructed, considering that the company’s target market is the commercial fitness industry, although there are many users who do in fact purchase the company’s models for home use. The typical maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs., which can be explained by components like the polycarbonate tank being manufactured from the same materials used for jet airplane windshields.

Water-Resistance System – With the exception of Concept2 rowers, high-end rowers typically utilize a water-resistant based system to offer users the most lifelike rowing experience available.

Smooth Rowing Motion –The whole concept of a water based resistance system of course plays a part in this, but the smooth and consistent rowing motion from the start of the stroke to the end is also down to the unique triple bladed impeller systems being used.

Quiet Operation – Water-based rowers are typically quieter than their air and magnetic resistance counterparts, and First Degree Fitness line of rowers is no exception.

Comfort – Seats smoothly glide along the precision bearings and rollers, handlebars are ergonomically designed, and the footboards feature a unique heel support system, all resulting in a comfortable rowing experience.


Expensive – There’s no two ways about it, First Degree Fitness rowers are expensive and are inevitably reserved for those who are serious about rowing or want the very best the industry has to offer.

No Heart Rate Receiver – It’s quite surprising to find such high-end rowers not coming equipped with heart rate receivers. Therefore, in order to measure your pulse you will likely have to purchase a receiver separately.


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