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FitDesk Exercise BikesIn recent years, physical inactivity has been strongly linked to obesity and heart disease. In order to keep your heart and well-being healthy, you need a minimum of thirty to sixty minutes of aerobic activity four times a week to effectively burn fat and keep your heart rate up. For the majority, finding the time to squeeze in a decent workout between the office and responsibilities at home is a daunting task. FitDesk has offered us a simple but elegant solution by producing stationary bikes with suitable workstations.


Innovation – The bikes do not have the best technology to measure your speed or distance nor do they have a particularly stunning design. FitDesk has one goal in mind and they stick to it: to keep you in shape without taking you away from your work. Living up to their mantra “Lose weight. Gain time.” by designing each unit with a proper work space and pedals, seats, and handles that will support your posture while working out. Even their cheapest and oldest models do just that.

Designed to fit users with different workloads – While most exercise bike manufacturers focus on the workout, FitDesk focuses on their users’ workloads. Their models are not just determined by the kind of workout they provide, they are also determined by their workstations. Simple stations for those who need a quick workout and wider stations for those who spend a chunk of their day just sitting on their desks.


Placement of monitors – Basically, the bike’s’ display is also your table. There is no other way to peek at your program other than to move your laptop or notebooks away. Although FitDesk’s design is understandable, it can be quite distracting as it slows down your pace. Your best bet would be to purchase the company’s more expensive models in order to have the maximum space available for your work.


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