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FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike Review

FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike Review, FitDesk X1 Review

FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike Review
FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike Review

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FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike Review

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The FitDesk X1 is designed to improve your cardiovascular health while being productive. It is FitDesk’s latest model to hit the market, and while it is similar to FitDesk’s predecessors, there a few key differences,  including a design that allows for a further “back lean” ride or a “forward leaning” ride for a more comfortable exercising experience, as well as a sliding desk platform.


Exercise bikes typically work out your lower body; however, thanks to the inclusion of resistance bands upper body strength can be improved upon. There is also a convenient squeeze grip, with the aim being to allow you to strengthen your hands.

The X1’s level of resistance can be adjusted through its easy-to-turn resistance knob. Taking the concept of the X1 into hand, the level of resistance isn’t the highest you’ll find on an exercise bike, but the highest setting should still be challenging enough for most people.

You should also keep in mind that the FitDesk is very quiet in operation; in fact, it is practically silent, which we feel is just as important as comfort when you want to be productive.


FitDesk X1 Resistance Bands
FitDesk X1 Review

Exercise bikes tend to have a less than stellar reputation for their comfort levels, unless you purchase a recumbent bike that is. This isn’t such a big deal when all a user wants to do is exercise. However, for a bike such as the FitDesk X1 comfort is the most important aspect, considering that it is targeted at those who want to exercise while being productive. It is, therefore, just as well that FitDesk have managed to deliver a comfortable workout experience.

The seat on the X1 is better padded, larger and more comfortable than any of its predecessors. The X1’s new design also allows for a further “back lean” ride or a “forward leaning” ride, which further enhances its comfort.


In our opinion, functionality is just as important as comfort with this kind of bike. For example, the X1 features a FitDesk platform, allowing you to securely fasten items like a laptop. The platform is also sliding and adjustable to give you a better reach, whether you’re short or tall. The adjustable arm rest with massage rollers should also not be overlooked, as they allow support and comfort for a variety of body heights.

Computer Monitor

FitDesk X1 Review
FitDesk X1 Review

Considering the kind of people the FitDesk X1 has been designed for i.e. those who want to exercise while being productive, the computer monitor is rather basic, recording just the time elapsed, calories burned, distance and speed.


The FitDesk X1 features an easy lock compact folding design (there is a quick release pin), enabling you to easily store the bike when not in use. Transport wheels can also be found on the bottom of the bike.


28 x 16 x 45 inches

16 x 15 x 50 inches (folded)

36 pounds

FitDesk X1 Review  by Users

FitDesk X1 Foldable Design
FitDesk X1 Review

As it stands, considering that 93% of users have awarded the FitDesk with either 4 or 5 stars, the X1 appears to be a very well liked exercise bike.

A number of users have praised the bike’s build quality, with many stating that it feels “very sturdy” so there’s no chance that it will wobble from side to side as you exercise. Users also appreciate just how quiet the bike is when in operation, with a number of owners having stated that it is “almost completely silent.”

The bike’s ease of assembly, taking no more than 30 minutes tops, has also been praised, as has its smooth pedaling motion, adjustable resistance level and ability to work out your upper body.

Surprisingly, the comfort of the X1 is a bit hit and miss, although it’s worth keeping in mind that the majority find the bike to be more comfortable than not.

However, a few users have found an issue with the angle of the desk. Securing and un-securing a laptop could also be a little easier.

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Any Complaints?

Besides what users have mentioned, there isn’t much else to complain about. However, we have a few suggestions for the company when they design their next model. While the desk space is satisfactory for most, it would be nice it there was just a little bit more space. The ability to adjust the height and angle of the desk would also be nice. Finally, the inclusion of an extra strap wouldn’t go amiss.

Anything Else You Should Know?

The X1’s maximum user weight capacity stands at 250 lbs. Anyone who is taller than 6′ 3″ may be unable to get into a comfortable workout position.

The best way to describe the X1 is that it isn’t a good choice for anyone who is looking for a serious and very challenging workout. However, as one user puts it, “it’s perfect for someone who wants a comfortable, easy-to-use, affordable exercise bike desk.”

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FitDesk X1 Folding Exercise Bike Review, FitDesk X1 Review

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