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Fitness Master Exercise BikesFitness Master has been in business since 2003, and its parent company is known to manufacture fitness equipment for some of the biggest players in the market. Recently, however, the company decided to offer their own product line, and the results have been quite good.


Highly Adjustable – Fitness Master’s line of exercise bikes are known to be comfortable. The handle can be adjusted forwards and backwards, you can control the resistance with an easy twist knob, and the seats can move forward and backward as well as up and down in order to give your legs the proper amount of distance between the pedals.

Price – You are sure to get your money’s worth with the mid-range models Fitness Master offers. The price of a Fitness Master bike is relatively cheap, particularly if you consider the abuse that you will give it if you spin religiously every day.

Well-Constructed – It’s rare that you will find too many plastic parts on any of the company’s bikes. This makes a Fitness Master bike extremely sturdy. They can often hold up to 300 lbs. without giving way.


Does not react well to sweat – If your sweat tends to drip off of your body while working out, then a Fitness Master bike may not be for you. Sweat creates pockmarks on the bike and chips away at the handlebars. Covering them with towels may seem like a simple solution but it can be quite annoying while working out.

Low quality belts – The complaints about the belts being worn out after less than a year have been plenty. Even worse, Fitness Master does not seem to have them constantly in stock. Some users have been known to wait a minimum of two months for a belt replacement.


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