Fitness Master X Series Momentum Review

Fitness Master X Series Momentum Review,Fitness Master X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike Review
Fitness Master X Series Momentum Review

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Fitness Master X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike Review

[wptab name=’Our Analysis’]If you’re in the market for an exercise bike you should consider one of Fitness Master’s models, more specifically, the Fitness Master X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike.

Fitness Master is known for producing well-built, reliable exercise and fitness equipment at affordable prices. But have they hit a home run with the X Series? Read the following to find out if this bike is for you or no, or whether you should choose another model or even another brand.


As this piece of equipment weighs approximately 125 lbs, you can expect it to be very sturdy, without swaying or creaking, whatever your weight may be. However, this may be seen as a disadvantage to some, as it requires a fair bit of effort to move.


The X Series Momentum Bike contains a 44-pound flywheel. Despite its weight, it is surprisingly quiet and smooth, even when you are cycling as fast as you can. This is primarily because the unit is driven by a  belt instead of a chain, but also because it a well-designed piece of equipment.

ComfortFitness Master X Series Momentum Seat

Overall, Fitness Master has done a good job in providing a comfortable exercising experience. While other exercise bikes have more comfortable seats, the seat that comes with the X Series is comfortable enough for the majority of users (See User Reviews). You are also able to adjust the seat up and down and back and forth.

While the seat is nothing to write home about, the handlebars are. Many exercise bike manufacturers do not allow users to change the positioning of the handlebars – fortunately, the X Series is the exception. You can hold the handlebars in several positions and adjust the positioning to suit your height.


This bike comes equipped with enough tension levels to offer you a good varied workout, however fit or unfit you may be. This also means that it’s easier to stay motivated, as you won’t have to religiously perform at the same level on a daily basis.

We’re pleased to report that there isn’t any noticeable lag when changing between tension levels (resistance), which is refreshing to see on a spin bike.


Assembling the Fitness Master X Series Momentum Bike is simple enough. All the tools that you need for set-up are provided, and the detailed, clear instructions that can be found in the instruction manual make things a whole lot easier. There are only six steps, which should take you no longer than a maximum of 30 minutes to go through.


This exercise bikes comes with a 5 year frame, 1 year seat, 6 month toe straps and 90 days labor warranty.


42 x 20 x 42 inches

125 pounds

Fitness Master X Series Momentum Indoor Cycling Bike Review by Users

The X Series Momentum Bike has been well received by consumers, with users stating that the ease of assembly, heavy duty construction, and smoothness and quietness of the bike when in operation are its real selling points. However, a few users have stated that the seat is a little on the uncomfortable side.

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Any Complaints?

Besides the comfort of the seat, our only complaint is that the bike is quite heavy, weighing in at 125 pounds, which makes it quite difficult to move. Therefore, if you are planning to change the location of the bike quite often you may run into some difficulties. The warranty could also be better, but we’re grasping at straws here.

Anything Else You Should Know?

There isn’t much else to add. The Fitness Master X Series Momentum Bike is a highly quality spin bike that would be hard to beat in terms of quality, especially when you consider how reasonably priced it is. One reviewer perhaps puts it best when he says, “I cannot imagine why spending $1,000 or more would get you anything better.”


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Fitness Master X Series Momentum Review