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H20 Fitness Rowing MachinesH20 Fitness has only released four rowers to date, the RX-750, RX-850, RX-950 and Seattle Wooden Rower. H20Fitness line of rowers are expensive and it’s therefore clear that they are designed for the high-end market – those looking for one of the best rowing machines the industry has to offer. All of the company’s rowers use a water-based resistance system for an on-water feel rowing experience


Smooth Rowing Motion – Due to utilizing a water-based resistance system, H20 rowing machines gives users an “on the water” feel, which in undoubtedly more lifelike and smoother than the majority of air and magnetic resistance based machines.

Comfort – All of the company’s rowing machines are comfortable to use, thanks to their ergonomically designed handgrips, padded seat and easy-to-adjust footrests.

Heart-Rate Receiver – Other manufacturers of high-end rowers such as First Degree Fitness do not equip their machines with heart-rate receivers, forcing buyers to purchase them separately. This is not the case with H20 Fitness.

Customer Service – H20 Fitness is known for its excellent customer service. Typically, if users run into a problem with a certain component, then the company send out a new one free of charge. H20 has also been known to replace rowers in a no-fuss manner.

Warranty – It’s clear that H20 Fitness believe in their rowers, judging by the warranties they offer. The typical warranty stands at a lifetime frame, 3-year tank and seals, and 2-year mechanical and non-wearing components warranty.


Expensive – While H20 state that it offers the “most high quality and affordable rowers on the market today,” we have to disagree. While it’s true that its machines are high quality, cheap they are not, with the prices more or line with other high-end manufacturers like Concept2 and First Degree Fitness.

Inaccurate Monitor – There have been some reports from users stating that the computer monitor is inaccurate, particular concerning the distance and number of strokes counted.


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