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Hci fitness elliptical trainer reviews

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HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT-1000 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer ReviewHCI Fitness don’t do cheap elliptical trainers, and it’s unlikely that they ever will. Most probably because their machines are designed for commercial properties such as Aging Facilities, Physical Therapy Centers, Hospitals, and Fitness Clubs, although that isn’t to say that their models haven’t been purchased for home use as well. HCI Fitness ellipticals have many things going for them, but we can’t quite figure out why the stride on their machines are so short.


Comfort – The high level of comfort HCI Fitness ellipticals are able to offer users is most definitely one of their main selling points. Which is why they can be found in hospitals, physical therapy centers and aging facilities. This is down to the  recumbent sitting position, adjustable sliding positioning system and oversized footplates.

Technological Features – This is another area where HCI Fitness really excel. It’s common for their machines to come with 12+ built-in workout programs and 15+ resistance levels, catering to a wide range of people, including the young and old, and fit and unfit.

Warranty – All of HCI Fitness ellipticals are backed by very good warranties, with a lifetime frame, 3 years mechanical and electronic parts warranty being the standard.


Short Stride – We’re struggling to figure out why HCI Fitness models come with such a short stride, as higher-end ellipticals typically come with longer strides. As the stride is so short, taller individuals’ workout experience may not be as comfortable as they would have liked, although the recumbent seat goes a long way in countering this.


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