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HCI Fitness Rowing MachinesHCI Fitness has released several rowers under different brand names, catering to various budgets and incorporating different resistance systems. The company’s H20 line of rowers, for example, utilizes a water-based resistance system. HCI Fitness other machines, which include the Sprint Outrigger Scull, appealing to the budget-conscious consumer, and Proteus PAR-5500, appealing to those with money to spend, feature air and magnetic resistance systems.


Lifelike Rowing Motion – HCI Fitness has still managed to provide users with a lifelike rowing motion and thus experience, even without the use of a water-based resistance system. This is down to the air and magnetic resistance systems working in combination with each other.

Number of Programs – It’s rare to find rowing machine coming with many workout programs; however, the Proteus PAR-550 seems to be the exception with its 15 built-in pre-set workouts.

Comfort – With well-padded seats, pivoting foot pedals, ergonomically designed handlebars to minimize the risk of blisters forming, and built-in cooling fans, all the right boxes are ticked in regards to comfort.


Resistance Level – Even though HCI rowing machines come with a very good number of resistance levels, it appears that some find the resistance too challenging, even on the lowest setting.

Inaccurate Computer Monitor – Inaccurate computer monitors unfortunately seem to be the norm with HCI Fitness rowers. In this case, it is the calorie counter that is inaccurate, although it’s worth keeping in mind that this applies to the cheapest rower the company offers – the Outrigger Scull.


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