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HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Review

HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine

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Priced at around the $400 mark, the HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine is similar to the  Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing Machine in the way that it is an outrigger rower and therefore simulates on the water rowing, but is a couple of hundred dollars less expensive.

Rowing Motion

As mentioned, outrigger rowing machines are able to accurately mimic the feel of on the water rowing, and certainly more so than your standard, run of the mill rower, with the HCI Sprint Outrigger being no exception.

The two commercial-grade hydraulic cylinders give you the option of changing the level of resistance from 1-12, with 1 being the easiest and 12 the most challenging, but perhaps best of all, these hydraulic cylinders do an excellent job of ensuring that your rowing motion is kept both smooth and quiet, while also being easy on the joints.

Computer MonitorHCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine Computer Monitor

The computer monitor on the HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine is quite basic in its functionality, providing you with feedback on time, calories burned, stroke count, and total strokes.

While the computer monitor does a good job at displaying everything accurately, as is so often the case with exercise equipment, the calorie counter is a bit off the mark. However, it’s good to see that everything is easy to read, thanks to the font being oversized.


The seat has been ergonomically designed and the rail features smooth running rollers to ensure that a smooth and natural gliding motion occurs as you row.

The seat also features a decent amount of padding, which means that your behind is unlikely to be sore after an intensive workout session, which is something that is all too common with exercise equipment, although this applies to exercise bikes, more than anything.

The footplates are ever so slightly pivoted so to support your natural motion as you row. They are also oversized, allowing anyone to securely strap their feet in, regardless of their foot size.

StorageHCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine (Folded)

The HCI Sprint Outrigger is easy to store, thanks to featuring a foldable design, allowing you fit the machine under the bed or in a closet after use, which apartment dwellers or those with limited space will undoubtedly appreciate.


This rowing machine is backed by a 1-year warranty on all parts.


55 x 68 x 15 inches

65 pounds

HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine User Reviews

Users appreciate just how easy it is to assemble the rower (it shouldn’t take you any longer than 15-30 minutes), and feel that it offers good value for money. The way in which the HCI is able to accurately mimic the natural motion of rowing while also being able to provide users with an effective workout has also been praised.

However, a few users have reported that the calorie counter is inaccurate, and that there is an issue concerning the hydraulic cylinders. You can read more about these issues by clicking the link below.

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Any Complaints?

The only other thing to complain about, although it is subjective, is that the resistance level, even on its lowest setting, might be a little too challenging for some people, particularly those who don’t have much muscle. But as mentioned, this is subjective and some people prefer a challenging workout.

Anything Else You Should Know?

As mentioned, the HCI Fitness Outrigger Rower is similar to the Kettler Kadett; however, you tend to get what you pay for, so while the HCI Fitness isn’t as good as the Kettler Kadett, it’s still a good alternative for anyone on a budget. If you do have a bit more money to spend, though, then opt for the Kettler instead, although it’s unlikely that you will be disappointed with either.

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