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Helix elliptical trainers

Helix Fitness – also known as Helixco – is a relatively new company in the world of elliptical trainers. For any new company to succeed in an industry where there are such established players like Precor and Livestrong, their product has to standout, and this is exactly what Helix has done.

Helixco’s elliptical trainers, suitable for both residential and commercial use, are unique in the way that they support 360 degrees of movement, allowing users to work out more muscle groups than a typical elliptical trainer.


Unique Stride –  Helix’s ellipticals use a unique “figure eight” motion that targets hard-to-tone areas more effectively, when compared to traditional elliptical machines. This is because conventional models are designed to only target the quads and hamstrings due to their front-to-back plane motion.

Compact – Helix’s models are more or less the same size as a typical treadmill machine. The company’s residential model, for example, measures just 42 x 27 inches, making it ideal for those who are low on space.

No Power Source Needed – All of Helix’s trainers are self-powered, so no power source is needed.

Quiet Operation – Helix has managed to design elliptical trainers that are very quiet in operation, which is handy if you have fussy neighbors or want to keep noise to a minimum for any reason.

Good Support – An example of how Helix provide good support is the several videos they have released online, showing users how to get the very most out of their trainers from the go.


No Workout for Upper Body – A good number of ellipticals on the market are equipped with movable handlebars, allowing users to work out their upper body; however, this isn’t the case with Helix.

Expensive – There’s no doubt that the company’s models are expensive, but there’s a reason why Helixco’s machines have been dubbed as “the most effective cardio machines ever built.”


Contact Information

Phone – 1-888-HelixCo (435-4926)
Sales – sales@helixco.com
Technical Support – service@helixco.com
Replacement Parts – service@helixco.com
General Comments – comments@helixco.com

Official Website – www.helixco.com