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Horizon Exercise BikesOf all the exercise bikes currently out on the market, Horizon bikes are probably the most consistent performers. Whether you need a spinner, a recumbent bike, or a simple upright bike, Horizon delivers sleek, well-designed, well-balanced, high quality, dependable models. Best of all, the bikes lean on the inexpensive side.


Sleek, Modern Design – The company’s spin bikes are tastefully designed in Horizon’s trademark blue and black. The usually clunky and awkward recumbent bikes are slim and modern looking. Last but not least, the upright models feature small footprints, making it easy to find the space for one in your home.

Inexpensive – Considering the quality and performance of Horizon bikes, they are very reasonably priced.

LCD Display– The monitors of Horizon bikes are known to be crystal clear. This is a simple but refreshing surprise considering how often exercise bike manufacturers get this simple concept wrong.

Comfort – The seating of every Horizon bike was made to give the user maximum support for the back and spine. Horizon also aimed to eliminate joint pains while cycling.

Easy Assembly – Short of giving you a bike that you can ride out of the box, Horizon made sure that its bikes are quick and easy to assemble. It only takes a few minutes to have one of the bikes up and running compared to other brands that could take you over an hour to assemble.

Customer Service – Horizon is not only consistent with its bikes, but the company is also very consistent when it comes to its customer service. Horizon is known to quickly respond to inquiries regarding broken parts, assembly, and delivery


Noise – Although tolerable, the bikes tend to make either a loud whirring or a popping sound when the resistance level is on a high setting.

Inaccurate Readings – No matter how long or how fast they pedal, users have claimed lower calorie and speed counts on Horizon bikes compared to other brands.


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Parts & Tech Support: techsupport@horizonfitness.com / 800.244.4192

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