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Horizon Fitness EX-79-2 Elliptical Trainer Review


Horizon Fitness EX 79-2
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[wptab name=’Our Analysis’] Horizon Fitness has made two EX-79 Elliptical models, the older model which is aptly named the EX-79 and this newer model the EX-79-2.

The Horizon Fitness EX-79-2 Elliptical is an elliptical machine designed to give users an extraordinary good home workout just as the older version did. It has the same 20 incline levels and 20 resistance levels that made the EX-79 quite challenging to most users even on the lower levels. It also has a longer 20 inch stride that was a great feature on the EX -79 making it possible for users to get close to a running workout on this machine. The only problem with the older version of this Elliptical machine, is that some of the smaller parts of machine with of lower quality resulting in annoying breakdowns for many users. We were hoping to see an improvement in the quality of some of these parts in this newer model, but that does not seem to be the case as Horizon themselves, state most of the changes in this model are cosmetic.


When designing the EX 79 Horizon put a lot of thought into making this elliptical comfortable. It has a low 10 inch step on design, wide foot pedals, Zero-gap pedal placement for less stress on the back and hips, and a fan to help users users stay cool. The EX-79-2 retains all of this comfort features as well.

Workout ProgramsHorizon Ex 79-2_panel

The EX-79-2 comes with 11 programing options to track time, distance, and calories burned. 3 of the programs are for incline including rolling, mountain and reverse terrain and 2 custom programs. These programs are the same as on the EX-79. However, the way in which this information is displayed on this newer version has changed. For starters, Horizon has radically updated the display on this model, the console itself looks much newer and more modern. It now features a bright blue screen that shows everything you need at glance rather than having to continuing scroll like you did with the older model of this elliptical. It simply makes keeping track of your workouts simpler and easier.

Resistance Levels/Incline Levels

The EX-79-2 comes with the same challenging 20 power resistance levels and 20 power incline levels of the old model, making for a great all round workout.


The Horizon Fitness EX-79-2 comes with a fairly decent warranty consisting of 1 year on labor, 2 years on parts, and lifetime warranty on the frame.


This EX-79-2 comes with a 20 inch stride and measures 22” X 65” X 75” when assembled

This machine is designed for people who weigh 325 pounds or less


Since the EX-79-2 is a newer model than the EX-79 there are fewer reviews for the EX-79, however users still seem to like this elliptical and find that it tends to meet their home workout needs quite well.

  • Is easy to put together
  • Stable and quiet
  • Has a smooth pedal action
  • Has large comfortable foot pedals
  • Nice challenging incline and resistance levels.

Here you will find more reviews,ratings and descriptions >>>> Horizon Fitness EX 79-2


Currently there have been no real complaints about the EX 79-2, but without the company improving the problems of that were reoccurring for the EX-79 this is really not expected to continue.

ConclusionHorizon Ex 79-2_use

With the exception of an easier to read console the EX-79-2 appears to have little advantage over the older version the Horizon EX-79. Unless the newer more modern console appeals to you it would be our suggestion that you price compare the two models and purchase the one that best suits your budget.

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