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Keiser Exercise BikesWhen it comes to gym equipment, nothing is as imposing, polished, and as uncompromising as a Keiser exercise bike. Keiser’s recumbent models are so well balanced they can handle anything between a heavy load workout to simply workouts for seniors and for therapy. However, Keiser’s smart engineering really shines in their spinning models. Keiser was able to utilize magnetic resistance; as a result, their units ride much like outdoor bikes.


Magnetic Resistance System– This is probably the best feature of a Keiser bike. Resistance is one of the first things that wear out for those who ride their bikes regularly. Keiser, however, has managed to design their bikes in a way to ensure that they are almost free from any kind of maintenance.

Noise – Both recumbent and spinning units are astoundingly quiet. Users who encounter Keiser bikes inside gyms often comment on how incredibly silent the machines are, and that they barely notice the other people beside them who are using the same equipment.

Warranty – Keiser bikes have one of the best warranties when it comes to gym equipment. Models come with at least a three year guarantee on parts and labor.


No space for water bottle – Either you go thirsty or stop in the middle of a workout to get a quick drink. Not fun either way. Adding $2 more dollars for a water cage to an expensive equipment should have been a no-brainer for Keiser.

Lack of adjustment – Clients with shorter arms and legs often complain about the poor adjustments of the seats and handlebars. Complaints about the seats suddenly dropping are also cited.

Price – Getting a Keiser bike is not cheap. The M3, for example, will set you back over $1,500.


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