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Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine Review

Coach E Rowing Machine Review
Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine Review

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Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine Review

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The Kettler Coach E, priced at around the $1,500 mark, certainly doesn’t come cheap, but it’s able to “work more muscle groups and puts the body through a wider range of motion than any other type of cardiovascular equipment,” on the market as Kettler put it.

It features a very smooth, lifelike rowing motion, comes with a generous number of workout programs and technological features and is backed by a very good warranty.


The Kettler Coach E comes with a total of 12 workout programs, which all do a good job of varying your workout while also keeping things interesting.

However, the real talking point is the inclusion of two heart rate control programs. If you like to work out in your target heart rate zone then you will certainly appreciate these. This is because these programs are able to automatically adjust the tension on the flywheel and thus the level of resistance based on your heart rate. This is achieved through the T34 chest strap heart rate monitor which is able to wirelessly transmit data to the Kettler’s computer.

It’s also nice to see that there is a feature which is able to track your workout progress and tell you whether you are improving or not. This acts as an excellent motivational tool and grades your “cardio wellness” from 1 to 6.


The level of resistance on the Kettler Coach E can be adjusted from 25 to 500 watts. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re in poor or excellent shape, as you can always find a level of resistance that is challenging or easy enough to allow you to work out in a way that is in line with your fitness goals.

Due to Kettler’s Induktions Brake System, which delivers frictionless electromagnetic resistance, the workout feels very smooth. Therefore, no jerky motions are present, and it really feels as if you are on rowing in a river, short of the wind blowing in your face as you row. In fact, Kettler are known for their ability to provide users with a lifelike rowing experience, and the Kettler E doesn’t disappoint.

ComfortKettler Coach E Computer Console

When you’re paying $1,500 for a rowing machine, you certainly expect a comfortable rowing experience. Fortunately, the Kettler E meets expectations.

The seat is well-padded and as as a result is unlikely to hurt your rear as you row. The seat is also mounted on chrome plated steel rails with commercial grade rollers to ensure that the seat smoothly glides along the rails as you row.

The footplates have also been designed very well, as they work to mimic your natural pivoting action to allow for a full longitudinal rowing motion. Or in other words, a comfortable and smooth rowing motion whereby your feet are unlikely to slip off the footplates.

Computer Console

The computer console on the Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine provides you with feedback on time, distance, calories burned, as well as the number of strokes completed. Your heart rate can also be recorded, thanks to the inclusion of a Polar T34 chest strap heart monitor, which costs around $50 if purchased separately.

However, it’s worth noting that the readings on the Siemens electronic LCD display can be hard to read at times, although it’s good to see that the readings are very accurate, which is a rarity for exercise equipment.

StorageKettler Coach E Stored Upright

Due to the Kettler’s ability to be stored vertically, it is easy to store and keep out of the way when not in use.


The Kettler Coach E is backed by a lifetime frame and 3-year warranty on all other parts.


77 x 21 x 23 inches

111 pounds

Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine User ReviewsKettler Coach E Footplates

Due to the Kettler Coach E being a relatively new rowing machine, there aren’t many reviews available to read online. However, according to one user, the Kettler helped him to lose weight, improve his posture, and strengthen his core. The user also loves the fact that the machine is quiet when in operation and feels that the high price is justified. There is nothing to complain about, although he does recommend purchasing a mat if you have hardwood floors.

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Any Complaints?

There is very little, if anything, to complain about. However, it does feel as if the Kettler is a little on the expensive side, especially when you consider that one of the most highly regarded and best selling rowing machines on the market – the Concept2 Model D – retails for several hundred dollars less (Kettler rowers also tend to be inexpensive, such as the Kettler Kadett). As mentioned earlier, the LCD display can be quite hard to read unless you’re working out in a well-lit room.

Anything Else You Should Know?

The Kettler Coach E Indoor Rower also comes with a Quick Attach backboard and front step plate which give you the opportunity to perform a further 16 different exercises, all targeting different muscle groups.

The only thing left to say is that while the Kettler is undoubtedly expensive, if you have the money and want one of the very best rowing machines on the market, then it’s well worth a look at. If you are looking to save a bit of money or have no need to perform an additional 16 different exercises, then perhaps a cheaper rower, such as the Concept2 Model D, is your best bet. Either way, you can’t go wrong and are unlikely to be disappointed.

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