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Kettler elliptical trainer reviews

Kettler Elliptical Trainer ReviewsKettler, a German company whose origins date back to 1949, may not be as well known as some of their competitors, the company have worked hard to establish a good reputation, not only in the fitness equipment space, but also the elliptical trainer market. Their ellipticals have several things going for them, but there is one thing that may put some consumers off.


Well-Constructed – German engineering is renown for its reliability and quality, and Kettler’s range of elliptical trainers is no exception. Some aspects that stand out are a range of technological features, built-in floor levelers, and quiet belt drives. In fact, we would say that Kettler’s machines are better constructed than American-made ellipticals.

Quiet – Kettler’s range of elliptical trainers tend to be quieter than most, which is down to the Poly ā€œVā€ drive belts, sealed bearings, and heavier than average flywheel.

Smooth Operation – Leading on from the last point, heavy flywheels deliver a smoother and more comfortable workout experience. It isn’t uncommon to see Kettler’s machines come with 40 lb + flywheels.

Total Body Workout – As movable handlebars are installed on all of Kettler’s ellipticals, users are able to achieve a total body workout without having to purchase another piece of fitness equipment.


Stride Length – While many of the company’s machines come with 15 inch strides, making them suitable for both shorter and taller individuals, the workout experience won’t be quite as comfortable for taller users.

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