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Kettler Exercise Bike ReviewsKettler may be better known for its line of rowing machines, but the company’s line of mid to high-end bikes embody everything that Kettler does best. Whether you’re an athlete in training or simply want to get your heart rate up, Kettler create various models that fit your needs.

Kettler currently has several models on the market, including the popular Ergo Race, E3 Upright Ergometer, and the Axos Cycle Recumbent Bike.


Well-Designed – All of Kettler’s bikes have clean lines and are aesthetically pleasing. They are also made of durable materials which make them perfect for both home and commercial use.

Highly programmable – The bulk of what you pay for goes into Kettler’s technology. Kettler’s display is easy-to-read and this stays consistent across all models. All the typical things you would like to measure during your workout are measured, including speed, heart rate, pulse rate, resistance and so on. A good number of workout programs and resistance levels are also included on all bikes.

Easy assembly – Although you will have to screw in some bolts, for all the technology that Kettler offer, its bikes are pretty easy to assemble.

Quiet – This is the first thing that you will notice once you get on one of the company’s bikes. No grinding sounds of metal grinding against metal. Just the smooth, gentle whir of your pedals turning the wheels.

Sturdy – The most hardcore spinners will appreciate the sturdiness of a Kettler bike. Some bikes tend to “walk” when you increase the intensity of your workout. A Kettler bike stays securely in place. More importantly, you don’t have to be scared of the handlebars suddenly giving way to your weight.

Various Models – Kettler manufacture upright, spin and recumbent bikes, catering to a wide range of consumers.


Seating – Some users have been known to complain about the seats, as they are not that soft and offer little support to those with back and hip problems, although this does not apply to the company’s recumbent models.

Instruction manuals – Kettler’s exercise equipment is made in Germany, so the manuals are written in German first, making the instructions in English sound a little unclear.


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