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Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer

Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer
Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer


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The Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer is a well constructed and sturdy exercise bike designed for people of all fitness levels to either improve their fitness or maintain their fitness levels at home. With several built in fitness programs and a wide array of resistance levels this trainer is perfect for both those beginning to improve their fitness as well as those who simply want to keep their fitness levels intact during those long snowy months or on those rainy days.

If you compete in bike races this trainer is ideal for keeping your leg muscles in shape during the off season.


The Giro GT Programmable Cycling trainer comes with 12 built in and pre-set programs including programs to increase your heart rate. The resistance levels automatically increases depending on the program you choose to use.


This Cycling trainer comes with 32 resistance levels, which means that this exercise bike will continue to be useful even as fitness level improves. Having a piece of exercise equipment that continues to challenge you as your fitness increases is essential to most people purchasing home exercising equipment.

Computer/Console Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer console

This Kettler Cycling Trainer features a dot matrix display that is a bit on the smaller size, however the back lighting does make it easy to see the information you want. The display gives you such information as distance, time, speed, RPM, Heart rate and consumption.

You don’t need to worry about tripping over any cords or setting the cycle near an outlet as the computer charges as you pedal.


This cycle trainer cannot be rode standing up, which makes it a bit less functional and comfortable for some users since the trainer can only be used when sit on the seat. The bike can be operated very smoothly with the super-heavy 40 pound flywheel. The pedals contain grips and toe cages to help keep your feet from slipping off pedals when riding. The bike has a 7 inch cushion seat. While the size of the seat is nice, the seat is somewhat uncomfortable despite the cushion. Some people might also find the pulse grips on the handlebars slightly uncomfortable as well.


We couldn’t find the warranty for this cycle, but Kettler provides normally Parts and Labour: 24 month. So better check with the seller as to how long a warranty the company offers (866.804.0440 Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST).


This cycle is not overly large measuring                                              41” X 21” X 45”

and the maximum user weight is                                                              285 lbs


Reviews for the Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer are fairly good. Users find this trainer easy to assemble and once assembled they find it incredibly well built and sturdy. Users find that as long as you use this bike while seated the pedaling is incredibly smooth and like both the pre-set workouts and the fact that you can choose your own manual workout as well.

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Users only have a couple of complaints regarding this cycling trainer. Several users found both the seat and the handgrip to be slightly uncomfortable when working out for extended periods of time. One users also complained that the resistance gear tended to freeze up after only riding it a couple of hundred of miles.


If you are looking for a good indoor exercise bike that will be able to be used effectively as your fitness levels grows without costing you tons of money then the Kettler Giro GT Programmable Cycling Trainer may be just the indoor cycle you are looking for. While it doesn’t have the largest display out there the backlighting makes the display easy to read and the sturdiness and built quality of this bike will make it a piece of exercise equipment that will probably last the average users for several years of fitness workouts.

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