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Kettler Rowing MachinesKettler is a German company that is becoming more and more popular in America every year since its inception. The company’s line of rowers are typically designed for the mid to high-end market, and the construction quality reflects this. A couple of minor improvements can be made here and there, but Kettler has got the fundamentals right, which is the most important thing.


Well-Constructed – More and more rowers are being manufactured in countries like China, which inevitably makes the quality of the machines suffer. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Kettler as all of their fitness equipment, including rowing machines, are manufactured and designed in Germany.

Smooth Motion – Several of the company’s rowers use hydraulic cylinders to provide resistance. While this design can’t quite compete with the most expensive rowers on the market which typically use water-based resistance systems, the rowing motion is still very smooth.

Quiet-Operation – Another benefit of hydraulic cylinders is how they do a good job in ensuring that working out is a quiet experience. The sound generated with each stroke is also similar to rowing on the water, much like water-based rowers.

Warranty – Kettler rowers are typically backed by a lifetime frame and 3-year parts warranty. This even applies to the company’s cheapest rowers, which is refreshing to see.


Instruction Manual – As Kettler is a German company it’s common to see its instruction manuals containing less than perfect English, which could make assembly more difficult.

LCD Display – A couple of the company’s rowers feature LCD displays which suffer from a couple of problems. For example, there have been reports of hard-to-read displays, and computer monitors that need batteries to function instead of relying on the power outlet the machine is plugged into.


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