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Life fitness elliptical trainer reviews

Life Fitness
Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer ReviewsOperated by the Burnswick Corporation, whose brands also include Parabody and Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, perhaps the brand the company is best known for, has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of elliptical trainers in the industry.

Life Fitness ellipticals definitely cater to the high-end market, as the company spend millions in research and testing each year. It is for this reason that their machines often retail for $2,500+.


Well-Constructed – As Life Fitness elliptical trainers are designed for heavy usage, they can be found in hospitals, special care facilities and gyms across the country. Only the highest quality components are used in the manufacturing process, resulting in machines that have an excellent track record of not breaking down.

Excellent Reviews – Life Fitness ellipticals have been met with some of the most positive reviews in the industry. You just have to take a look at Amazon, Consumer Search, Consumer Reports, along with several other consumer magazines to see this.

Adjustable Stride – One of our favorite things about Life Fitness machines is how the stride length is adjustable. Some manufacturers let themselves down by designing very well-constructed machines that come with a range of useful features and programming, but can only be used by shorter users. This isn’t the case with Life Fitness models.

Large FootPlates – Leading on from the last point, Life Fitness ellipticals are also suitable for all because of their larger than normal footplates. Furthermore, the way in which they are positioned helps to reduce lower back pain by preventing lateral hip shifting.


Expensive – There is only really one thing that may put consumers off the company’s machines – their high price tag. It is for this reason that buyers are usually those who need an elliptical for extensive, heavy use.


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