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Life Fitness X5 Review

Life Fitness X5 Review
Life Fitness X5 Review,Life Fitness X5 Cross-Trainer Elliptical Review

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The Life Fitness X5 Cross-Trainer Elliptical combines “contemporary styling with exceptional workout versatility” (well, that’s how the company put it, anyway). The result? An attractive looking elliptical that is able to target both the upper and lower body. The X5 is Life Fitness’ most expensive model, so you would expect it to be unrivaled in its quality and workout effectiveness. But is it able to live up to its high price tag?

SelectStride Technology

The X5 is equipped with Life Fitness’ patented, SelectStride technology which gives you the ability to adjust the stride length so anyone in the family can work out, regardless of their height. The stride length can be adjusted from 18” to 24”, which is 4” more than more other ellipticals on the market; however, this is only about 2” more than other ellipticals in this price range.

The stride motion is very natural, and it is clear that Life Fitness took the time to ensure that different muscle groups can be targeted effectively, such as the glutes, calves and thighs.

In addition, the upper body can also be targeted so you can burn more calories with less perceived exertion.


The 5 built-in workout programs do a commendable job of keeping your workout both challenging and varied. Programs include:

-Manual: Choose your own speed and resistance levels.

-EZ Resistance: The resistance is increased incrementally so you can slowly and comfortably work towards exercising at a higher intensity

-Hill: As you workout, each hill and valley becomes progressively steeper to provide you with a greater challenge.

-Random: This combines many different speed and incline combinations.

-Sport Training: This simulates outdoor training, whereby you can challenge yourself by working out on hundreds of hills and valleys, with each containing both high and low levels of resistance.

Oversized Pedals

The 16” x 7” oversized pedals have been designed to allow anyone to work out on the Life Fitness X5 Cross-Trainer Elliptical, no matter how big, small, narrow or wide your feet are.  They are optimally spaced in order to significantly reduce lateral hip shifting that is so common with other ellipticals. The advantage in this is that it eliminates any stress that can be felt on your back.

ConsoleLife Fitness X5 Console

The console provides feedback on everything that you would want to know as you work out, including watts, speed, distance, calories burned, time, resistance level, METs, heart rate and target heart rate, all on  an easy-to-read LED display.


The Life Fitness X5 Cross-Trainer Elliptical comes with a lifetime frame, 3 years parts and 1 year labor warranty.


83 x 27 x 62 inches

250 pounds

User Reviews

There aren’t many reviews online, but the ones we found stated that this elliptical offers an excellent workout, and is likely to last for years to come – one reviewer has owned the machine for “4 years and counting” with the elliptical working the same as on the day he first bought it.

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Any Complaints?

The only thing to complain about is the weight- 250 pounds. It is therefore recommended that you refrain from moving it from one room to another, as doing so may prove to be a struggle.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Overall, the Life Fitness X5 comes highly recommended. If you’re looking for an elliptical with a plethora of technological features and workout programs, then it may not be for you (a better choice would be the Lifecore LC-985VG Elliptical Trainer, for example). . However, if you are more focused on construction quality and want an elliptical that is able to target both the upper and lower body effectively, the X5 should be at the top of your list.

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Life Fitness X5 Review

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