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Lifecore elliptical trainer reviews

LifeCore Elliptical Trainer ReviewsLifecore Fitness, a company out of California that started out in the 1990s in a retail store, have steadily been building up their reputation as a reliable elliptical manufacturer that can compete with the big boys, although they still do have some way to go.


Adjustable & Longer Strides – Lifecore ensure that their machines come with either adjustable or long strides. This is done so their ellipticals cater to a wide range of users on the market, including both shorter and taller individuals.

One Piece Frame Construction – The beauty of single-piece frames is that no bolts are used in the assembly process. This is beneficial because it not only means that assembly is easier but also that minimal maintenance is required – there is no need to tighten bolts every so often.

Adjustable Consoles – Lifecore elliptical trainers come with adjustable consolse, allowing you to look at your workout stats more easily, regardless of your height.


Not Very Well Known – Ask your average gym-goer to name a few elliptical machine manufacturers and chances are that they will roll off names like Precor, Schwinn and Livestrong, but not Lifecore. It seems that the company need to step up their marketing efforts, as they’ve certainly got the machine to compete with the big boys.

Center Drive Design – While we prefer center drive ellipticals due to their innovative design and workout effectiveness, some users are more comfortable with using and prefer the more traditional front or rear drive models.


Contact Information

2575 Pioneer Ave
Suite 101
Vista, CA 92081

Phone: 1 (888) 815-5559
Official Website: www.lifecorefitness.com