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and consistently rolling out good quality products, this isn’t hard to believe. While the brand is more well-known for its line of treadmills, LifeSpan also offers a line of exercise bikes that caters to any user in the residential or commercial setting and can fit any kind of budget.

Pros                                                                               LifeSpan Exercise Bikes

Quiet – These bikes give you a powerhouse workout while keeping everything quiet. This is especially important when you need to work out at odd hours, when you have a downstairs neighbor that is highly sensitive to noise, or when you need to be able to catch up on your favorite shows while working out.

Standard attachments – LifeSpan understands that one size does not fit all. If you’re not happy with the stock saddle or pedals that come with your bike, you can easily swap these out for attachments you’re more comfortable with.

Green machines – The higher end LifeSpan Exercise bikes (the R7000i Recumbent Bike and the C7000i Upright Bike) are designed to run without a power source. Because it runs on the power you generate when you pedal, the faster you pedal the more power you generate. You can even charge your gadgets while you’re at it!


Accessories – The accessories on LifeSpan Exercise bikes are quite cheaply and poorly made. We know that the company understand that one size does not fit all, but they seem to forget that one size fits many people just fine. The uncomfortable saddle and the cheap, plastic pedals on some models might push you to spend some money to customize them even when you don’t want to.

iPad integration – We know that, on the surface, being able to integrate an iPad with your console on the commercial bikes sounds like a great thing. And it is — for iPad owners. We just wish that the bikes could integrate with other tablet brands and models as well.


Contact Information

785 West 1700 South Ste. 1
Salt Lake City
UT 84104

Phone: 877.654.3837 option 2
Email: sales@lifespanfitness.com

LifeSpan Fitness Club:
Email: coordinator@lifespanfitness.com

Customer Service:
Phone: 801.973.9993 x 4

Official Website: www.lifespanfitness.com