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LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

LifeSpan Fitness S2 Review,LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review
LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

The LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike, which is the update to the LifeSpan S1, real strength lies in its adjustable setting and resistance settings, and for those of you who factor in aesthetics in your decision process, you are sure to love its minimalist design. However, that is not to say that the S2 is perfect – there are a couple of minor issues that might put a few people off – but on the whole, the S2 is a very welcome addition to the mid-priced indoor cycle range, particularly if you can find it for the right price.

Note ! This product is unavailable , Our recommendation is the Spinning Spinner S1 Indoor Cycling Bike as the best replacement

Adjustable Settings

Many indoor bikes on the market only offer you the ability to adjust just the height of the seat and handlebars, which can be troublesome and somewhat frustrating when you are trying to get into a comfortable riding position, not to mention that it can affect the effectiveness of your work out.

Fortunately, the seat and handlebars on the S2 can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, resulting in a comfortable working out experience, whatever your height or weight may be.

Solid Resistance

Typically, the heavier the flywheel is the better. Couple the heavy-duty 40-lb flywheel with the LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Poly-V drive belt and the result is a smooth, stable ride, with enough resistance to challenge even the fittest of individuals.

The resistance can be changed via the micro-adjustable resistance knob, which as you would expect from the name, changes the resistance in small increments, so you can find a resistance level that is in line with your fitness goals. The level of resistance ranges from flat ground to steep hills.


If you have ever purchased exercise equipment before then you know how annoying it can be to spend hours trying to assemble the machine, when all you want to do is start exercising.

The S2 comes 90% assembled out of the box, making the assembly process quick and easy; it should take you no longer than 20 minutes to have it up and running.


LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review
LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Wheels can be found on the front on the LifeSpan Fitness S2, which is a good thing as it means that there is no need to break your back as you try to move the 97 pound machine.

The frame is made from heavy-gauge steel, which explains the heavy weight of the bike, which results in a very solid, stable ride.


This bike comes with a 5-year frame, 1-year parts and labor, and 90-wear items warranty.


44 x 22 x 22 inches

97 pounds

User Reviews

Consumers seem to like the S2 Indoor Cycling Bike, with many pointing to the bike’s construction quality, quietness and smoothness when in operation, as well as the ease of adjustability as its strengths. However, a few users have also feel that a couple of things could be improved upon.

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Any Complaints?

There are a couple of things to complain about, although thankfully they are minor issues. Firstly, the seat could be a little wider and feature a bit more padding, although as the S2 is advertised as a spin bike the design of the seat is somewhat expected (have a look at the LifeSpan R3i if you’re looking for something more comfortable).

Secondly, the pedals feel a little on the cheap side, despite being made of alloy with sealed bearings. It’s not that they are bad, and they certainly won’t stop you from getting an effective work out in, but they could feel just that little more solid.

Fortunately, both the seat and pedals are interchangeable, so you can tailor the S2 to your personal preferences.

Anything Else You Should Know?

All you need to know is that the LifeSpan Fitness S2 Bike will suit the needs of the majority of people looking for a spin bike. However, if you are an avid spinner you may want to change the pedals and seat.

Not many bikes in this price range come equipped with such a heavy flywheel and a belt drive system; therefore, if you can find the S2 for $600 or under, it is a steal, particularly if you consider that it has been manufactured by LifeSpan.[/wptab] [wptab name=’Customer Reviews’][scrapeazon asin=”B00EBT4T30″][/wptab] [end_wptabset]

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LifeSpan Fitness S2 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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