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LifeSpan R3i Recumbent Bike Review

LifeSpan R3i Recumbent Bike Review
LifeSpan R3i Recumbent Bike Review

LifeSpan R3i Recumbent Bike Review


The LifeSpan R3i Recumbent Bike flywheel weighs 18 pounds, which we feel is on the light side. Don’t get us wrong, the pedaling motion still feels smooth – certainly compared to other recumbent bikes – but for this price we would’ve liked perhaps a 20-25 pound flywheel.

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The R3i comes equipped with 2 user-customizable and 17 preset programs, which is more than enough in this price range or otherwise. However, just how good are these programs?

Well, they have all been designed by a Certified Personal Trainer which is always a good sign; and with 7 sports training, 5 weight management and 5 healthy living programs to choose from, it’s good to know that users with different short term and long term benefits will all benefit.

ComfortLifeSpan R3i Recumbent Bike Review,LifeSpan R3i Breathable Seat Back

If there’s one thing that recumbent bikes have going for them it’s their comfort, and the R3i from LifeSpan definitely doesn’t disappoint.

As you would expect from a recumbent bike, the seat is well-padded and features a molded foam bottom. It can also be positioned anywhere within a 14-inch range forward or backward. What we really like, however, is how the back of the seat features a flexible and breathable design to keep you cool and comfortable.

It would be hard not to put the R3i among the most comfortable recumbent bikes on the market as it stands.

Computer MonitorLifeSpan-R3i-Recumbent-Bike-Console

Through the HD color LCD display you are able to view workout time, date and time, calories burned, speed, distance, rpm, resistance level and watts all to a high degree of accuracy. All this information can also be viewed simultaneously if desired.

It’s also good to see that your heart rate can be recorded in one of two ways. You can either opt to use the contact heart rate sensors which are molded right into the armchair style armrests, or the chest strap receiver if you want a more accurate reading.

Another thing to mention is how the keys that enable you to change program, resistance level (there are 16 levels to choose from), input data etc. are large and responsive to the touch, which is something that we’re glad to see, as unresponsive keys are one of the most frustrating things to experience when trying to get into the flow of exercise.


The LifeSpan R3i Recumbent Bike is backed by a lifetime frame, 5-year parts and 2-year labor warranty for residential use, and a 5-year frame, 2-year parts and 1-year labor warranty for commercial use,

Any Complaints?

As mentioned, as the flywheel weighs just 18 pounds it’s no surprise that there are bikes out there that offer a smoother pedaling motion, although compared to similarly priced recumbent bikes the difference is miniscule. It also would’ve been nice if a chest strap was included.

Anything Else You Should Know?

The R3i features a walk-through design, making it easy to get on and off the bike, can accommodate users up to 400 pounds, and measures 70 x 27.5 x 44.5 inches.

It also supports LifeSpan Fitness Club accounts, which enables you to set goals, build a workout calendar, log your results, and then review your progress. Built-in speakers with iPod and MP3 support are also included, and the sound quality is pretty good considering they are bike speakers.

While the flywheel is on the light side, the R3i more than makes up for this with its comfort and technological prowess. Therefore, simply put, if you’re looking for the most comfortable and technologically advanced recumbent bike on the market, then look no further than the LifeSpan R3i.

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LifeSpan R3i Recumbent Bike Review

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