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Livestrong elliptical trainer reviews

LiveStrong Elliptical Trainer ReviewsWhile Livestrong may be a very well known manufacturer of fitness equipment, they aren’t particularly well known when it comes to elliptical trainers. This is because their new models, developed by Johnson Health Tech, were released as late as 2009. However, their models certainly seem to be gaining momentum, judging by their popularity and reception over the past couple of years.


Well-Constructed – We never really expected anything less from Livestrong. Best of all, however, is how Livestrong are able to sell their ellipticals at very reasonable prices, considering that they are a large company that can depend on economies of scale, as they ship so many units per year.

Technological Features – All of Livestrong’s ellipticals come with a good range of technological features. We’re not solely talking about the number of programs and resistance settings, but also the inclusion of speakers, iPod/MP3 inputs, and perhaps best of all Livetrack Interactive Technology.

Comfortable – Livestrong’s ellipticals are designed to be used by pretty much everyone, considering that the strides on their machines usually come in at 20 inches. Furthermore, Livestrong’s machines feature the best pedal spacing we have seen, improving comfort and reducing strain.

Incline Options – When we say incline options we’re not talking about resistance settings. You know how the slope of a running deck of a treadmill can be adjusted to make your workout easier or harder? Well the same applies to Livestrong’s ellipticals – a feature that is rarely found on ellipticals.


Limited History – As Livestrong’s elliptical trainers have only recently been released, their durability is not very well known. Then again, considering how reliable and durable Livestrong’s other fitness equipment is, this shouldn’t be an issue.


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