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LiveStrong Exercise BikesLiveStrong, manufactured by Johnson Health Tech (JHT), offers all kinds of exercise bikes, including upright models, spin bikes, as well as recumbent machines. One of the best things about the company is how with every purchase a good bulk of the money goes towards the fight against cancer. Apart from the company’s goodwill, there are a few other things the bikes have going for them, as well as a couple of downsides.


Easy to Assemble – The intuitiveness of how LiveStrong bikes are designed is apparent as soon as you take the equipment out of the box. All of the company’s bikes are easy to assemble, with users stating that it shouldn’t take you any longer than 30 minutes from unboxing to working out for the first time.

Well-Constructed – Livestrong is renowned for using high quality components for their bikes. All of the bikes feature a solid foundation to ensure no shortage of stability even after frequent use.

Quiet Operation– All across the board, LiveStrong Exercise Bikes are very quiet in operation. While not exactly silent, the bikes are quiet enough for users to be able to carry on a conversation or watch TV at a normal volume.


Seat issues – Livestrong bikes are known to have uncomfortable saddles. Long workouts will prove to be difficult without the purchase of a seat gel cover.

Monitor and software issues – The display and monitors for each of the bikes are disappointing for the price you’re paying. They also look and feel a bit cheap too. In addition to this, the LS5.OU Upright Bike offers no data on your RPM and the LS9.912-C Indoor Cycle has no backlight at all.


Contact Information

c/o Johnson Health Tech North America
1600 Landmark Drive
Cottage Grove, WI 53527

Phone: 1.877.548.7864
Sales: 1.877.700.8730
Parts & Technical Support: 1.877.548.7864
Official Website: www.livestrongfitness.com