The Livestrong LS13.0E2 Elliptical Trainer is a unique piece of equipment, in the way that customers were interviewed and then their feedback was used for the design process.

Customers said that they wanted a machine that placed more of an emphasis on build quality and a smooth, natural workout motion, instead of being packed with a whole lot of bells and whistles and technological features. The result? The best-selling LS13.0E2.


The pedals are placed ideally, with minimal distance between them, to drastically reduce any stress that can be felt on the hips and back. They are also placed low to the ground, which results in an easier step-on and step-off.


The Livestrong LS13.0E2 handlebars are also placed in a very intuitive location, with the grips being within perfect reach and distance for both smaller and larger users. They are also designed in a way that allows you to grip them at various positions, which means that you can target different upper body muscles as you work out.


The Livestrong LS13.0E2 has been designed to keep your body upright as you workout so to deliver a more comfortable working out experience and faster results. In contrast, many ellipticals on the market – particularly those that are front drive models – require you to lean forward to workout.


The 20” inch stride, which can also be found on the Livestrong LS8.0E, feels both smooth and natural, and accurately mimics a natural jogging or walking motion, while simultaneously reducing fatigue.


The LS13.0E2 uses a large drive pulley and 30 lb flywheel to ensure a very smooth elliptical motion – something that is rare in this price range.


The incline on the LS13.0E2 can be adjusted to give you a more intense cardio workout- which results in more calories being burned in less time- and enables you to target more muscle groups in the lower body.


The Livestrong LS13.0E2 comes equipped with 12 workout programs which do a good job of challenging you and adding variety to your workout.

Programs include, the Tour, Livestrong.com, Max Cardio, Lance’s Descent, Lance’s Climb, Mellow Johnny’s Trail, Constant Watts, Strength Builder, Muscle Toner, Weight Loss, Manual and Custom.


This feature is a very welcome addition. It allows you to track your progress online so you can have an easier time achieving your fitness goals.

All you have to do is plug the included USB into the console – which records your stats as you work out – and then go online to track your workout history. You can then download a few customized workouts that are in line with your fitness goals, which have been designed by Peter Park – Lance Armstrong’s personal strength and conditioning coach.


The console comes equipped with speakers, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you work out. It is also refreshing to see that there is compatibility for all MP3 players, rather than just for iPods – which, frustratingly, is something that not all models of ellipticals include.


The Livestrong LS13.0E2 is a heavy machine, weighing in at 214 pounds. Therefore, it is very solid and stable, which results in a maximum user capacity of 350 pounds.


While this isn’t a feature, we thought that it is worth mentioning for those of you who like to make a difference with your purchases. If you buy any of Livestrong’s fitness equipment, the company makes a charitable donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which is dedicated to “unite, inspire and empower people who have been affected by cancer.”


The Livestrong LS13.0E2 comes with a lifetime frame and brake, 5 year parts and 2 year labor warranty, which is one of the most generous warranties in its price range.


29 x 68 x 76 inches

214 pounds


The LS13.0E2 has received consistently favorable reviews from consumers. Users have pointed to the machine’s ease of assembly, build quality, quiet and smooth operation, as well as the quality of the resistance settings as its strong points. However, users have also stated that the console could be improved upon.

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There isn’t much to complain about. If we were being fussy we would say that the display is a little on the small side; although, it is still easy enough to read.


A few years ago, you would have had of paid a couple of thousand dollars for a machine like this; however, nowadays, it is available for under $1,500 in some places.

The Livestrong LS13.0E2 is the company’s most popular model, which is easy to understand when you consider the range of features, the natural and comfortable elliptical stride, and the generous warranty and price. It is also suitable for both beginner and advanced exercisers who plan to work out strenuously.

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