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Mad Dogg Athletic Spinning DVDs Selection , Best Spin DVDs for Beginner

( Mad Dogg Athletic Spinning DVDs , Best Spin DVDs for Beginner )

Mad Dogg Athletic Spinning DVDs
Mad Dogg Athletic Spinning DVDs

Mad Dogg Athletic Spinning DVDs Selection – Best Spin DVDs for Beginner – mad dogg spinning

DVD (1) Beginners Level (Spinning Spin And Slim DVD)

Not everyone who needs or wants to workout can afford an expensive gym membership, a personal trainer or even to take a spin class, but now you can have that spin class exerperience right in your own home with the Mad Dog Athletics Spinning Spin and Slim DVD. Features of this DVD include:

  • 30 min workout
  • Led by Mike Michels
  • Fun and Energizing ride teaches spinning fundamentals
  • Includes a section on Set up and Safety and spin bike assembly
  • 48 minute total time

This Spin and Slim DVD is the perfect DVD for beginners as it consists of three identical circuits mainly on the flat that gives a decent workout when completed, but new users can do one or two circuits and work their way up to the entire 30 minute workout while learning the basics of spinning.

(Mad Dogg Athletic Spinning DVDs , Best Spin DVDs for Beginner)

Users Take

Users give the Mad Dog Athletics Spinning Spin and Slim DVD overall good reviews and ratings. However, many users find that the instructor is a bit annoying and that the video itself is not the highest quality. However, overall most users did feel it was beneficial for the following reasons.

  • Good workout-The video does give you advance warning of any changes in writing across the screen so you can turn down the sound and workout to your music which will add a bit of variety to your workout.
  • High Energy- This workout is a high energy workout, so you will feel like you have you have worked out well in just the 30 minutes it takes to complete the entire workout.
  • Learn the Basics- For people who have never taken a spin class, the DVD will teach you the basics so that you feel more comfortable moving on to more advanced DVDs.

Overall, this DVD is worth the price, especially for those who are new to spin bikes and have never taken a spinning class.

DVD (2) Advanced Level (Spinning “Crank it Up”)

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Mad Dog Athletic Spinning DVDs seem to be quite popular for those people who have a spin bike and want the experience of a spin class in the comfort of their own home. Not that the Mad Dog Athletics Spinning “Crank it Up” DVD is comfortable, this DVD spin class designed for intermediate to advanced spinning will make you sweat. Features of this DVD includes:

  • Interval energy ride zone for a more complete workout.
  • Led by Josh Taylor
  • 67 minute video that includes a section on Set up, safety, and spin bike assembly.

This Spinning Crank it Up video is not for those people who don’t yet know the basics of spinning. However, once you have those spin basics down and are ready to really ratchet up your fitness sessions a notch this video should get your blood pumping and your clean out your sweat glands well.

Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning Spin and Slim DVD

Users Take

This Spinning Crank it Up video only gets average to slightly above average reviews. While some users feel that Josh Taylor is highly motivational other users find that he is too chatty, which often results in users being confused as to what they are to do next. Other complaints about this video include that the warm up is too long and slow, and that the selection of music is extremely poor.

However, despite the negatives many users find this video to be extremely beneficial to their overall workout plan and find site the following benefits:

  • Workout Really Kicks Your Butt- Let’s face it if you are going to bother to devote 30 to 50 minutes to exercise then when you have finished you want to feel as though you have really done something. The workout on this video makes most users feel as though they have really worked out and leaves them feeling tired in that good way.
  • Cheap Spin class- Of course the whole reason why users buy this and other spinning DVDs in the first place is because they either can’t afford the time or the money to take a spin class at their local gym. This DVD allows most users to feel like they are part of a spin class while exercising at home when they have the free time, at a cost much less than that gym membership or spin class would cost.

Overall, users agree that while this may not be the best the best spinning DVD around, it does an adequate job of giving them the “spin class” experience as well as the feeling they really worked out.

DVD (3) Long Term commitment (= 5h !) – ERock Rocks! A Virtual 100 Mile Ride –>

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Erocks Rocks! Virtual 100 Mile Ride. Indoor Cycle/Spinning Fitness And Workout

The Erock Rocks! 4 DVD set that is based on a real century ride that takes place in Colorado. The DVD is designed to make you feel as though you are taking part of the ride, which means you will spend a bit of time looking at others riders backends. Features of this DVD includes:

  • Multiple audio tracks keep things interesting
  • 5 hour video
  • Provides leg strength Intervals, Out of saddle climb, aerobic intervals, Multiple short sprints
  • Plays on DVD machines, computers, tablets and phones
  • For sound you can choose narration and music, just music, or road sounds.

The Erocks Rocks video is not designed to those who are just being introduced to spin bikes or indoor exercise bikes, to complete each section of this video takes an hour or two and there is a lot of interval riding so you need to have reached at least an average bike fitness level. The nice thing about this video is that you can break it up into four sections doing one section at a time for a more varied workout.

Users Take

Overall users like this DVD set and give it good ratings and reviews. While a few users do complain about the boring scenery and the huffing and puffing of the narrator as he rides along with you, they do admit that the actual exercises themselves makes for a good workout. Benefits users find using this video includes:

  • Improves Cycling Ability- For those people who want to take part in a century ride, this video helped to prepare them by improving their strength, stamina and their cycling ability.
  • It’s Like Having Your Own Coach- People who have taken spin classes in the past feel that following the narrator for this video is like having their own coach or trainer.
  • All Needed Information Appears on the Screen- Users like the fact that the all the information they need appears on the screen so that they can silence the DVD and ride along to their own music.
  • Informative Narrator- In most DVDs the narrator is a little too chatty, but users feel that this narrator is actually informative giving them tips that helps them build strength and actually helps them get successfully get through the DVDs.


This 6 hour indoor riding DVD will give you a complete and varied workout whether you do the workout all at once or break it into 4 sections. This is a DVD set so it is easy to break it into sections and do for shorter 1 and 2 hours workouts that offers a variety. This is a great DVD for those wanting a really complete riding workout.

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Best Spin DVDs for Beginner, mad dogg spinning

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