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MagneTrainer Exercise BikesStudies have shown that sitting idle for more than three hours at a time can lead to drastic health consequences. Enter mini exercise bikes like the MagneTrainer Exercise Bike. Mini exercise bikes are essentially pedal machines (i.e. exercise bikes without bike posts, seats, etc). While the MagneTrainer certainly isn’t the only mini exercise bike in the market, it is often heralded as one of the best.


Sturdy – This mini-bike is built extremely well. The MagneTrainer’s weightiness and its 15” wide base adds to the stability of it and also shows you that the manufacturer does not scrimp on the quality of materials used.

Resistance – While it won’t give you the same workout you would get from a full-sized exercise bike, the MagneTrainer still packs quite a punch when it comes to the levels of resistance offered.

Great for Physical Therapy and Sedentary Lifestyles – Whether you’re a couch potato or someone who needs help rehabilitating your body at home, the MagneTrainer will definitely be a good fit. It is convenient enough for even the most sedentary person to use effectively and it heeds the advice of physical therapists by designing this mini-bike with the option to pedal backwards to maintain muscle balance.

Handbike – Simply put the MagneTrainer on your desk and you’ve got yourself a handbike! While you can certainly use the same pedals while hand biking, it is recommended that you buy the Ergo Handles (sold separately) to keep your hands in a more natural position.


Pedaling Techniques – As this is not a regular exercise bike, the way you use it will have to differ. While the MagneTrainer offers pretty clear instructions and tips on how to properly pedal a mini-bike, those who don’t have the patience to learn another way of pedaling should probably stay clear of the MagneTrainer and other mini exercise bikes.

Not Desk-friendly – The MagneTrainer site has a photo of a woman working at her desk while using this mini-bike. Notice the unusually high desk and almost comically skyscraper-ish chair? That’s exactly what you need to be able to use this bike under a desk. Unless you’re keen on knocking your knees on your desk as you pedal, the MagneTrainer is better used in situations without a desk.


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