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Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike Review

Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike Review

Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike Review, Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike Review
Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike Review

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Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike Review

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The Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike stands out from other models in its price range thanks to its ability to offer users a full body workout via the dual action arms. While it hasn’t been equipped with any “cool” features that can be found on more expensive exercise bikes, it offers an effective workout, which at the end of the day is all that should matter.It is a good choice for those looking to purchase their first exercise bike or are planning to work out on a moderate basis. However, more experienced individuals and fitness fanatics may want to look elsewhere.

Full Body Workout

Many people want an exercise machine that is able to target both the upper body and lower body; however, more often than not they are forced to fork out money on an exercise bike/treadmill/stepper to target their lower body, and a bicep curl machine/ deadlift machine and so on to target the upper body.  Sound familar?

Fortunately, this bike by Marcy is equipped with dual action arms, which are able to work out your upper body, while the pedals, through your cycling motion, work out your leg muscles, resulting in an efficient full body workout.


The Marcy Air 1 is unique in the way that resistance comes from the built-in fan, and the intensity of your workout is completely determined by you work rate; the faster you pedal, the harder the workout becomes. Cleverly, the fan also doubles as a cooling agent to provide you with relief during a tough workout, as a cool stream of air is directed at your core while you exercise.


The monitor is rather basic in its functionality, tracking just calories burned, distance and time. However, the most important aspect of any monitor that can found on exercise equipment is its accuracy – fortunately, the Air 1 Fan Bike succeeds in this aspect.


As you would expect, the ergonomically designed, high-density foam seat with durable vinyl covering provides a high level of comfort as you work out. The seat is also fully adjustable, in order to accommodate users of different body sizes and height. The handlebars are foam-covered for added comfort. The pedals are oversized, weighted and counterbalanced and are equipped with adjustable foot straps, so you can get into a riding position that works for you.


The Marcy Air 1 comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.


45 x 27 x 13.5 inches

83 pounds

User Reviews

The Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike has been extremely well received since its release, with users stating that the comfort, sturdiness and effectiveness of the workout makes it a good buy. However, one user feels that the resistance system could be improved upon.

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Any Complaints?

There is very little to complain about. If we were being fussy we would say that it would have been nice if the monitor provided a bit more feedback, such as on heart rate, RPM, calories burned per hour. Although at this price, this might be asking for a bit too much.

Anything Else You Should Know?

All you need to know is that the Marcy Air 1 Fan Bike is a sturdy, reliable piece of exercise equipment that offers users an effective full body workout. While it doesn’t come packed with a range of technological features, it achieves what it was designed to do – provide users with an effective full-body workout.

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Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike Review

Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike with Transport Wheels AIR-1

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