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Marcy Exercise Bike ReviewsFrom the “mini cycle” to recumbent and upright models, Marcy offer consumers a wide variety of styles and designs at affordable prices. Furthermore, consumers have magnetic resistance as well air resistance or fan type models to choose from as well.

While warranties are limited and weight limitations may be restrictive, for many the good number of features and options at a very competitive price make Marcy bikes worth a look at.


Inexpensive – With the stand alone pedal device or “mini cycle”, Marcy offer a very basic alternative to a traditional exercise bike for well under fifty dollars. Even the more deluxe models with console displays or other upgrades are typically hundreds of dollars cheaper than the company’s competitors.

Workout Programs – Marcy bikes tend to come equipped with a decent number of workout programs, considering the price the company’s bikes retail for.

Comfort – The seating on both the upright models as well as the seat and back on the recumbent models offer adequate padding, support and comfort considering the affordability of these models. Additionally, with the step through design, the seat height and the removable arms on recumbent models, these bicycles offer comfort and support even to those dealing with back, knee or other health issues.


Warranty – The warranties on Marcy bikes are typically 2 years, which may concern the buyer at first glance. However, taking into account the mostly positive feedback Marcy has received, this may not be a major concern. In addition, the availability of the bicycles from major retailers who often offer extended warranties for a little extra, may make this a prudent option based on the competitive price point of Marcy bikes.

Limitations – Although adjustments can be made in regards to pedal placement, reports have indicated that it is sometimes awkward to adjust the pedals for a change of user . Additionally, some of the models have a weight limitation of 250 pounds, making some bikes unsuitable for some users.


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