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Marcy Standard Weight Bench (WM367)

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Our Analysis

The Marcy Standard weight bench (WM367) is a budget weight bench with stand designed for the home users. It’s manufactured by Impex Inc. (California) and made from steel, foam and vinyl and has High density seat and back pads. However, the padding is quite narrow making this bench uncomfortable for many users. It has oversize uprights and includes arm curl accessory packs and steel tubing.

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The construction of this bench seems to be less than well thought out, as the bars and the bench itself is somewhat narrow, and the bench height makes it difficult for some users to be able to place their feet flat on the floor. It does have a 600 pound weight limit, but only 250 pounds are for the users weight. In addition the uprights don’t seem sturdy enough to hold a great deal of weight. We also are some what mystified.



The Marcy Standard Bench lacks some of the comfort that higher quality benches may have. Users find the bench too narrow for them to use in complete comfort, and they also feel the upright bars are too close together making it difficult to lift the weights comfortably. The height of the bench is also an issue as some people find it difficult to place their feet on their floor, and when you incline the bench it is too close to weights which makes lifting the weights comfortably extremely difficult.


The Marcy Standard Bench measures 58” X 41” X 47” and is

designed for an overall weight capacity of 450 lbs


The March Standard weight bench does come with a manufacturers warranty of 2 years, however trying to find just how long that warranty is proved to be a frustrating experience. It doesn’t give much confidence in the product when the warranty for the product is not directly visible/available. Finally you will find the warranty (given by Impex Inc. / Cust.-Service-call: 1-800-999-8899) at the very end of the owner manual – unfortunatly amazon doesn’t provide this information, so we do ;o)


To be brutally honest – reviews for this weight bench are slightly below average. There were a few features that users liked about this bench. Users felt that this bench comes with good instructions, but users felt that it did take some time to put the bench together. Most users felt that the bench was sturdy. The real selling point of this bench is the low price tag. Most users were thrilled to find a weight bench for beginners that was so reasonably priced.


Not surprisingly the complaints about the Marcy standard bench were equal to or outweighed the advantages. While users did find the instructions well written, they also found this bench somewhat difficult to assembled and found themselves forcing parts together in order to get the bench assembled properly.

Users also found the bench pads too narrow to remain comfortable, the bar tracks were to close together, and the height of the bench made it impossible for several users to actually put their feet onto the floor. Users also find that the bolts tend to strip. In addition, while some users felt this was a sturdy weight bench not all users felt that the uprights were as steady as they should be.

While the Marcy Standard bench is low priced making it extremely affordable, it would be best to save up a little longer and purchase a weight bench that better meets your needs.

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