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Multisports Exercise BikesWith decades of experience in gym equipment, you would expect nothing but the best exercise bikes from a company like MultiSports Fitness. Based on what their satisfied customers have to say, the company delivers. Featuring an array of bikes from their Cardiocycling (upright and recumbent bikes) and Group Cycling (Indoor Cycling) exercise bikes for the discerning mid-range and high-end consumer, it seems that there’s a MultiSports exercise bike for everyone.


Stability and design – If their stoutness and weight are any indication of their quality, then MultiSports Exercise Bikes are extremely well made. Another a plus is the range of color choices that their Group Cycling Range has. Aside from the traditional black, gray, and white, the company also offer its Indoor Cycling Exercise Bikes in yellow and blue.

Customizable saddle and pedals – While there are some brands that create a special saddle or pedals for their exercise bikes, MultiSports Fitness is not one of them. This means that users are free to swap the stock saddle and pedals with their preferred brand or model without running into any issues.

Self-generating options – If you’re willing to shell out some big bucks, the MultiSports Self-generating bikes actually save you money in the long run. Since these run without a need for any external power source, you cut back a lot on electric bills.


Technological features – A lot of technological features are absent from the entire MultiSports Exercise Bikes line. None of the Group Cycling bikes come with a console to track your progress during your workout. If you want one, you’ll have to purchase a Universal Group Cycle Monitor for $220.

While the company’s Cardiocycle line (upright and recumbent bikes) do have consoles, they are limited in that you have no option to hook up any of your gadgets to listen to music or watch movies while exercising. Not a huge deal for some as you can simply roll these portable machines in front of a TV, but for some this might be a deal breaker.


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