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Nautilus u514 upright exercise bike review

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Nautilus U514 Upright Exercise Bike ReviewWith exercise bikes, there are a few things that tend to influence the price. First there is the brand name, then the quality of components used in the manufacturing process, and finally, the technology that can be found in the bike.While Nautilus has equipped the Nautilus U514 Upright Exercise Bike with quality components and a range of technological features, the company is not as popular as Schwinn, ProForm or LiveStrong, which results in the company being able to offer quality bikes, such as the U514, at a reasonable price.


Nautilus has equipped the U514 with a very generous number of workout programs and resistance levels, particularly if you consider that bikes which cost hundreds of dollars do not come with as many.

The range of resistance levels and programs do an excellent job of adding variety to your workout, while simultaneously challenging you. Changing the resistance level is done electronically rather than manually, so there is no need for your workout to be interrupted. The same can be said of the programs, which include 7 fun yet effective profile courses, 4 Polar heart rate programs and 2 programmable user profiles, and more.

LCD COMPUTER MONITORNautilus U514 Computer Monitor

The blue backlit LCD display is oversized and easy-to-read, thanks to using thick white characters on a dark blue background – other manufacturers, for some reason, equip their bikes with displays that feature thin black characters on a gray background, making the feedback hard to read.

The monitor on the Nautilus U514 displays resistance level, calories burned, speed, pulse, distance, watts, RPM, time and interval time. There isn’t much to add, apart from that all the readings are accurate.


If you like to work out based on your heart rate, then you will love the integrated Polar heart rate monitoring system. Despite being the premier brand of heart rate monitoring, Nautilus have managed to persuade Polar to let them equip the U514 with their chest belt, grip and telemetry monitoring equipment. You are, therefore, guaranteed readings with a very high level of accuracy, so working out in your target rate zone doesn’t become a guessing game.

EASY TRANSPORTATIONNautilus U514 Transport Wheels

Wheels can be found on the bottom of the bike, making it easy to move the Nautilus U514, despite weighing in at 88 pounds.


The U514 also features oversized pedals – ensuring you can maintain your rhythm and find a comfortable fit; a conveniently placed bottle holder – so you can refresh yourself during a tough workout; a magazine rack – so you can catch up with the latest news/gossip as you work out; and a fan – which is powerful enough to, again, provide relief during a tough workout.


This bike comes with a 10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1 year electronics, 6-month wear parts and 6-month labor warranty, which is certainly generous in this price range.


42 x 21 x 52 inches

88 pounds


This bike by Nautilus has been well received since its release, with special mention going to the sturdiness, minimal sound heard when in operation, easy to read monitor, and smooth pedaling motion of the bike. However, a few users have complained about the seat.

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The only thing to complain about is the seat. Some users have found the seat to be a little on the uncomfortable side. However, this can be rectified by either purchasing a more padded seat or a gel seat cover, or by placing a small folded towel on the seat. The Nautilus R514C is another solution.

The seat also has many adjustment levels, which is a good thing as it means that the U514 can be used by anyone, regardless of their height. However, this also means that you have to screw the post out of the way to adjust the seat, which may be an inconvenience for some.


All you need to know is that the Nautilus U514 is an excellent choice for those in the market for a bike that is not only packed with technological features but is also stylish, durable and delivers an effective workout.

While we wish that the seat was a little bit more comfortable,  you can purchase a seat with more padding for around $15-20, so it would be unfair to make too much of a point of this.

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