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Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine Review

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine Review

Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine Review
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Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine Review

The Octane Fitness Q35x Elliptical Machine is a heavy duty elliptical that is fairly high priced for a home elliptical. It’s frame is made from heavy-duty welded steel that features body mapping. It’s main attractions is it’s body mapping and workout boosters as well as programs designed for people of all fitness levels. While this machine is a sturdy workout machine, it does lack some of the more modern technological features of machines that price far less. We also think that the 1 year labor warranty is extremely poor considering the price of this Elliptical trainer. We also feel, that all of articles and reviews as well as the official Octane site lacks some important information that people want to know before purchasing. There are no dimensions for this machine given anywhere and neither is there any information on the amount of resistance of recline users can get when using this machine.


The Octane Q35x features a 20.5 inch stride which is slightly better than average for most home elliptical that have a smaller stride of around 18 to 19 inches. Moreover these long strides are a welcome feature for taller users, because they can grap the stride with a relaxed wrist, which feels much more natural. And by standing tall it reduces stress from the lower back, for those of you above 6″ 20.


The Octane Q35x offers 8 separate pre-programs routines including some real fitness inspired programs such as the 10K and a ½ Marathon.Octane_2


We checked 20 resistance levels and 4 goal programs, which can be customized . But the above mentioned boosters are a special development, which set them apart from the older model Q35c. These extra programs give you a more intense workout, with more calories to burn:


Triggers the gluteus muscles (at the end of your back ;o). Additionally the lower body and the attached muscles like thighs and hips.


targets the antagonists of biceps-triceps and the upper body – pecs & back. This covers the opposite end of the Glutekicker-mode


For those who don’t want to do the upper/lower-body split, or are beginners, which focus more on the entire body there is the X-Mode. This kind of virtual trainers gives you exercises for your entire body and contains 8 challenging routines.


The Q35x offers a large LCD display and allows you track your elapsed time, Heart Rate. Calories, Resistance level and the summary of workout


The Octane Q35x adds several features designed to make your workout as comfortable as possible. The foot pedals have adjustable positioning (with 1.8″ spacing), there is a safety mode for people who have children, and there is a reading rack, accessory tray, and it s MP3 compatible. If you want to and you can not decide which routine you should start at first – just enter by the low step-on height (ideal for elderly users) and take the integrated Quickstart feature, where you don’t have to adjust anything. If you like to have variety in your grip to concentate more on upper or lower body routines – which I like very much – you can choose between stationary and moving handle bars.

In case you move your equipment back and forth or into other rooms some time, the small, but helpful transport wheels are a most welcome feature for you.


26″ x 65″ (width and length)

designed for people weighing 300 pounds or less



The Octane Q35 has a lifetime warranty on the frame, 3 years on parts, and one year on labor.


For the most part users give the Octane Fitness Q35x good reviews stating that this is a sturdy machine that gives a good basic workout for anyone who wants to get fit, or stay fit. They find this elliptical runs smooth and quiet. Users like the fact that they can customize their workouts. The adjustments of the system makes it possible to type in the calories to be burned / distance to travel and the Q35x will do the rest.

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The main complaint users have with the Q35x is the fact that users are unable to adjust their resistance levels.

Overall, the Octane Fitness is a sturdy elliptical that gives users a solid workout. However, the price of this elliptical may be a little steep for some users.

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