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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro review

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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review


Various parts of the body require different types of exercises to firm and tone muscles. Even people who feel fit and not overweight may not have as toned of muscles as they would like, and one of the last parts of the body most people begin to see any real tone and definition is in the abs. The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro promises to change all of that and claims that using this fitness product as part of your ongoing fitness regime will increase your core strength and help to define your abs, arms and chest.

However, if you are overweight the marketers of this product, caution that the only way to give those abs real definition while strengthening them is to rid your body of excess fat, by following a proper low calorie diet while working on those abs, triceps, and chest muscles.

Features:Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro review , Perfect fitness ab carver pro results

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts is as effective as push ups and crunches in firming and toning those abs, but is a lot more fun and easy to use. Features of this impressive little tool includes:

  • Ultra Wide Wheel Stabilizes Movement- Unlike many ab wheels that are narrow and leave you feeling wobbly as you extend forward and pull back, the Ab Carver Pro is a wide wheel that allows for a less wobbly and more confident and stable feeling when exercising.
  • Angled Handles Work Arm Muscles- The Ab Pro has specially angle handles that causes you to push forward and pull backwards using your triceps instead of putting strain on your shoulders. This not only reduces the chances of experiencing shoulder pain, but also firms and tones the arm muscles while toning the abs.Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro review
  • Rubberized Performance grips–  With the rubberized performance grips you are less likely to lose your grip and end up face first on the floor.
  • Designed to Safely sustain weight up to 300lbs.
  • Measures about 9” X 7.9” X 9”
  • Weighs less than 5 pounds (users state it is around 3 pounds in weight.)
  • Foam Knee Pads- The Ab Carver Pro comes with knee pads to provide maximum comfort and avoid stress on the knee joints while exercising.
  • Pro Abs Kinetic Engine- The kinetic engine in this device is actually a heavy duty carbon steel spring which is designed to allow you roll the Ab Carver smoothly forward and then the recoil of the spring helps you roll back easier than regular ab wheels.

Additional InformationPerfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro review

The Type of exercise you do with the ab carver pro you can do with a smooth hard floor using a towel. However, one of the benefits of the Ab Carver is that you have handles to hang onto, which gives you better control and it can be used on carpeting as well as smooth floors.

It should also be noted while this device works for any age and almost any fitness level, people with joint problems particularly knee joint pain or stiffness will find it difficult to use the Ab Carver as you need to remain on your needs for the length of time you are doing this exercise.

It is recommended that you use the Ab Carver slowly, making sure that stretch those ab muscles to their fullest rather than focusing on the number of reps you do, as it is the quality of this exercise that makes the difference far more than the quantity.

Users Take

Users give the Ab Carver Pro exceptionally good reviews with almost all users finding this an easy and comfortable ways to sculpt and tone their abs and arms. Here are some of the benefits users experienced using this ab strengthening device.Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro review

Ab Carver Pro Benefits :

  • Definitely Gives Abs a Workout- Most users find that when they use the Ab Carver correctly, that they can easily feel the burn within a 10 or 15 minute workout and that after using it three or four times a week for a couple of months they really begin to notice results.
  • Works Well on both Carpeting and Smooth Floors- Users really like the fact that the Ab Carver Pro can be used on both carpeted and smooth floors as it allows them to use this piece of equipment almost anywhere they choose. The fact that device is lightweight and portable adds to it’s ability to be used anywhere as well.
  • Knee Pads and Contoured Handles Provide Surprising Comfort:Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro review

While the burn from those ab exercises and the sore muscles you have after a healthy workout may not be exactly comfortable, users of the Ab Carver Pro do feel that while doing the exercise to strengthen these muscles the wider wheel, knee pads and contoured handles make doing the exerciser itself far more comfortable and interesting that simple crunches and sit-ups.

While the Ab Carver Pro simply may not provide the means for a wide variety of exercises, it does help to tone and firm muscles in the abs which is often one of the most difficult parts of the body for most people to tone.

Results :

Perfect fitness ab carver pro results

why ab carver pro workout is so beneficial for you check the video below.

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