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Precor Premium Series 9.31 Treadmill Review

Precor Premium Series 9.31 Treadmill Review
Precor Premium Series 9.31 Treadmill Review

Precor Premium Series 9.31 Treadmill Review

The Precor Premium Series 9.31 Treadmill uses the exact frame and many of the same components that are found in Precor’s commercial models. The 9.31 is a little on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for in this case. As you would imagine, it is not designed for casual users, but rather for serious users who want unrivaled quality.

Integrated Footplant Technology

A feature such as the integrated footplant technology (IFT) explains why Precor are so popular with consumers and are able to charge a premium for their treadmills.

The IFT works by automatically adjusting the speed of the belt to match your running speed, and helps to support your natural running stride. This is beneficial because it results in less stress and discomfort to your joints.

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Ground Effects Impact Control

While many treadmills produced by other manufacturers are equipped with shock absorbent systems, none are quite like Precor’s. Typically, treadmills are designed to absorb shock for certain weight ranges, which means that those on the heavy side tend to get too much absorption, while lighter individuals tend not to get enough absorption.

However, the Precor 9.31 differentiates itself from its competitors by using triangular-shaped shock absorbers at the front of the deck to absorb impact based on your weight and height.

ConsolePrecor 9.33 Review

At first glance, the LED display looks simplistic in nature. But this was Precor’s intention, as they wanted users be able to access the various functions with ease.

There is a keyboard pad which allows you to input your personal data, and a few simple buttons which let you toggle between the 16 workout programs. Six LED windows are also included which allow you to track feedback.

The 16 preset workout programs include 3 walking, 3 running, 2 custom, 1 heart rate, 1 weight loss, 1 manual, 1 interval, 1 random, a 1 mile program and a 5K and 10K program. You also have the ability to record your personal best times for the 1 mile, 5K and 10K distance programs.


Even at higher speeds the Precor 9.31. It’s the 3.0 continuous duty horsepower motor which is able to run effortlessly. It is smooth and quiet, which is always beneficial for those who like to watch TV as they work out.


The treadbelt measures 22” x 56” which is typically 2” wider than other treadmills. The benefit in this is that you don’t feel confined as you work out.

Heart Rate Control

Besides the ground effects impact control and the integrated footplant technology, one of the best technological features of the Precor 9.31 Treadmill is its ability to determine your level of exertion based on your heart rate. In other words, you are kept in your target heart rate zone as you work out, which is beneficial for improved weight-loss and cardio-training results. This is achieved through the included wireless heat rate strap.


The Precor 9.31 comes with a lifetime frame, 10 years parts and 1 year labor warranty. The warranty on the parts attests to the treadmill’s commercial quality. Precor is a very reliable company when it comes to their warranty – as one reviewer says, “After almost 9 years of use, Precor comes through as their warranty says.”


79 x 34 x 56 inches

335 pounds

User Reviews

The Precor 9.31 has been met with considerably favorable reviews, with users praising the minimal impact felt on the joints when working out, the build quality of the machine, the effectiveness of the workout, as well as Precor’s customer service. Surprisingly users had nothing to complain about, which is a rarity for fitness equipment.

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Any Complaints?

We are struggling to find anything of significance to complain about. It would have been nice for the 9.31 to have been equipped with a lifetime motor warranty, but it more than makes up for this by being equipped with one of the best motors that can be found on a residential treadmill.

Anything Else You Should Know?

There isn’t much to add. All you need to know is that the Precor 9.31 –along with the 9.66i- is the best residential treadmill that money can buy. We would only recommend purchasing the 9.66i if you are looking for additional tracking features. If this doesn’t matter to you then save yourself $500 and purchase the Precor 9.31.

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Precor Premium Series 9.31 Treadmill Revie

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