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Precor elliptical trainer reviews

Precor elliptical trainer reviews

Precor elliptical trainer reviews

Precor Elliptical Trainer ReviewsThere is no doubt that Precor is one of, if not the best, manufacturers of elliptical trainers on the market. Their machines are highly adjustable, comfortable to use, look good and most definitely reliable. There is just one problem, though: if you want the best you have to be willing to pay a premium. The cheapest Precor elliptical is priced at $2,000.

Precor elliptical trainer reviews


Adjustable Stride – As the strides on Precor’s machines are adjustable, both shorter and taller users are able to find a stride that works well with their body type. Furthermore, longer strides allow for a better all-round workout.

Very High Quality – In some cases you really do get what you pay for. Precor’s ellipticals are manufactured from premium grade materials and come equipped with very useful luxury features, such as oversized pedals, chest strap heart rate monitors, and extensive informative displays to name a few.

Excellent Stability – Considering that Precor’s machines have a minimum weight capacity of 300lbs, and even 400 lbs on their more expensive models, it should come as no surprise that they are very stable.

Unrivalled Reviews – Both consumers and experts rate Precor’s line of elliptical trainers very highly. All you have to do is Google any of their models to see that this is the case.

Adjustable Incline – An adjustable incline,ranging from anywhere between 15-40 degrees, is a very useful feature to have at your disposal, as it is able offer users a whole new level of cardio training.

Excellent Warranties – It’s always good to see a manufacturer stand behind their products, especially when their products retail for several thousands of dollars. In fact, Precor ellipticals are backed by one of the very best warranties in the industry.


Expensive  – There is only one thing that would put consumers off Precor’s line of elliptical trainers – their high price. As mentioned, though, you really are getting what you pay for in terms of design, function, luxury, comfort and warranty.


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