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ProForm 280 CSX Review

ProForm 280 CSX Upright Bike Review

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[wptab name=’Our Analysis’]The ProForm 280 CSX is one of those bikes that can offer you an effective workout without the need to break the bank, thanks its lack of technological features.ProForm, therefore, have been able to place more of an emphasis on using high quality components rather than equipping the 280 CSX with a lot of bells and whistles which, more often than not, prove to be nothing more than a novelty.

EKG Heart Rate Monitor

The dual grip EKG heart monitor which is built into the handlebars, accurately tracks your heart rate on the LCD display. You can adjust your workout to make sure that you are exercising in your target heart rate zone, so you can optimize your workout.

8 Workout Programs

The 8 built-in workout programs do a good job of making sure that there is no need to guess the intensity level you should exercise at. The programs are both fun and challenging; couple that with the integrated target pacer coach – which allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout to provide more of a challenge and some variety – and you will find that the 280 CSX excels as a motivation tool.

Digital Magnetic Resistance

The digital magnetic resistance system is both smooth and quiet in operation, and thanks to being digital rather than manual, adjusting the level of resistance is a breeze. You are given full control over your workout intensity, which should provide enough of a challenge for even the fittest of individuals.

SpeakersProForm 280 CSX Console

The ProForm 280 CSX  comes equipped with an Intermix Acoustic sound system and built-in speakers which surprisingly offer a high level of sound quality, particularly when you consider that this is a relatively inexpensive bike. Simply plug your iPod or MP3 player into the music port to work out along to your favorite tunes.

Other features

Other features include a cooling fan – which does a good job of providing relief during a tough workout thanks to the cool breeze of air directed at your core; a water bottle holder which is mounted just below the console for easy access; and a vibrant, blue backlit LCD display which provides feedback on a range of data, including calories burned, distance, speed and time.


This bike comes with a 1 year frame and 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.


47 x 24.5 x 11 inches

84 pounds

User Reviews

The Proform 280 has generally been well received by consumers, with many stating that they like the ease of the assembly process, range of workout programs, as well as the smoothness of the pedaling motion, even when pedaling fast. However, users have also complained about the seat.

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Any Complaints?

There seems to be a recurring theme with exercise bikes – uncomfortable seats. Some users have complained that the 280 CSX’s seat is a little on the uncomfortable side and could have done with a bit more padding. While the lack of comfort is a bit of an inconvenience it isn’t disastrous; you can purchase a new seat for $15-20, or simply place a pillow on the seat. However, if you really want an exercise bike with a more comfortable seat then check out the Proform 315 CSX.

Anything Else You Should Know?

All you need to know is that the ProForm 280 CSX is a welcome addition to the budget exercise bike range. As you would expect, it does not come packed with a whole lot of bells and whistles but it makes up for this in its durability, construction, workout effectiveness and low price.

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