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ProForm Pro 4500 Review

ProForm Pro 4500 Review

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Update: This treadmill has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill reviews

ProForm are known as being the go to manufacturer of treadmills, as they tend to go big on features yet reasonably low on price. The ProForm Pro 4500 looks to continue this trend, but considering that this particular model comes with an integrated internet browser on the console, ProForm look to have outdone themselves this time round.

Besides the internet browser, the Pro 4500 comes equipped with a range of other enviable features, such as a spacious deck, powerful motor, and the generous inclusion of 38 workout programs, to name just a few.


The ProForm Pro 4500 runs on a very powerful 3.8 HP motor (which is 0.3 HP more than the ProForm Pro 2500), allowing you to walk, jog or even run at full pace. The motor is surprisingly quiet when in operation, making it a good choice for anyone who would prefer to watch TV as they work out or for those who don’t want to annoy the neighbors. It also runs very smoothly, making it a good choice for those who want to take it easy on the joints.

As you would expect, this is a commercial grade motor and thus commercial bearings and brushes have been used to make sure that the motor is likely to last for many many years to come. ProForm clearly believe in the construction quality of the motor, considering that it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The motor can reach speeds of up to 0-12 MPH (2 MPH more than usual); the incline can be adjusted from 0 – 15% (5% more than usual), allowing you to tailor your workout to be just as challenging or easy as you want it to be; and there is also a -3 – 0% Quick Decline, which is something that is unfortunately rarely seen on treadmills.

ProgramsProForm Pro 4500 Review

We’ve never seen so many programs on a treadmill. The ProForm Pro 4500 comes with a very generous 38 workout programs, including 10 iFit Workouts, 7 Speed Workouts, 7 Incline Workouts, 7 Calorie-Burn Workout and 7 Intensity Workouts.

With so many programs to choose from it’s unlikely that you will get bored, but perhaps more importantly, this drastically reduces the chances of you giving up on your workout regime or not fulfilling your short/long term fitness goals due to monotony.


The treadbelt (or deck, as some people like to call it) measures 20 x 60 inches. Many treadmills tend to come with decks measuring just 20 x 55 inches, limiting the number of people who can use the treadmill. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Pro 4500, as people of all heights and varying strides can work out without feeling confined, leading to a comfortable workout experience.

The treadbelt also features something called “FS2 Full Surface Suspension Cushioning”, which is able to absorb most of the impact your legs generate when running. This is beneficial because it drastically reduces the impact felt on your joints and leads to not only a more comfortable workout experience but also faster recovery times.


Many people will argue that the console is the best aspect of the ProForm Pro 4500 – and we certainly won’t disagree with them. The console features a computer monitor which displays important information such as, heart rate, distance, time, calories burned, speed, incline, program and so on. However, the real talking point is the inclusion of the iFit Tablet.

The iFit Tablet is a responsive, full-color, 10″ touch screen device which allows you to connect to the internet so you can check your email, Facebook, read the latest news, watch sports highlights – well, pretty much anything that you can do on the internet can be done on this device. However, there’s more to the device than just that, as you can also use Google Maps to outline the route you want to run anywhere in the world. Let us tell you that this is a welcome change when you live in rainy ol’ London!

StorageProForm Pro 4500 Foldable Design

The last thing to mention about the Pro 4500 is its ease of storage. You would think that such a heavy machine would be hard to store, and you’d be right… well, most of the time anyway. The fact is that the Pro 4500 would be hard to store if it didn’t come with something called EasyLift Assist, which allows you to fold the machine vertically very easily.


The ProForm Pro 4500 comes with a lifetime frame and motor, 5-year parts, and 2-year labor warranty, which is one of the most generous warranties in the industry.


70.5 x 35.5 x 58 inches

137 pounds

ProForm Pro 4500 User Reviews

The Pro 4500 has received a mixed reception. While many have praised the machine’s build quality, range of technological features, effectiveness of the workout and especially the iFit Tablet, there have been a few complaints that shouldn’t be overlooked.

You should also keep in mind that the ProForm Pro 2500 Treadmill is a good choice if you don’t need as many technological features, particularly as it’s a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.

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Any Complaints?

While it’s hard to fault the treadmill itself, ProForm’s customer service could certainly do with some improvement

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