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Proform ZT3 Treadmill Review

Proform ZT3 Treadmill Review

Proform ZT3 Treadmill Review

At the moment, I’m looking out the window, only to be met with the sight and sound of heavy rain splashing on the balcony. I would love to go for a 30 minute jog to get my exercise in for the day, but I wouldn’t pop to the shops in this weather, let alone go for a run. So I feel that now is a good time as ever to review the Profrom ZT3 Treadmill.

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If the situation I mentioned in the last paragraph sounds all too familiar, or if you would prefer to workout at home, a treadmill might come in handy. A model that can offer you an effective workout at a reasonable price is the Proform ZT3 (along with the Proform Power 995).

Increased Calorie Burning

The ZT3 comes with what is known as a 0-10% Quick Incline. This ensures that the incline can be increased from 0-10 MPH with a touch of a button in a matter of seconds. A higher incline means that more calories can be burned at a faster rate, in addition to reducing the impact on your joints.


The display on this treadmill is able to track your time, speed, distance, calories burned, incline and pulse, with unrivalled accuracy. This makes it easy to monitor your progress and helps you to achieve your goals, whether that be training for a marathon, staying in shape or losing weight.

Heart Rate MonitorProform ZT3 Computer Monitor

The Dual-Grip EKG Heart rate Monitor tracks your heart rate, thanks to the built-in handlebar sensors. It is refreshing to see that this feature actually delivers what it promises, and perhaps more importantly, is accurate. Unfortunately, buyers of treadmills have come to expect inaccurate readings with mid-priced treadmills. I’m pleased to say that the ZT3 does not suffer from this problem.

Personal Trainer Workouts

One of the best features of the Profrom ZT3 Treadmill has to be the inclusion of 6 personal trainer workouts. If you are neither a personal trainer or would consider yourself to be extremely knowledgeable in the topic of physical fitness, you can certainly benefit from these programs.

The personal trainer workouts can help you lose weight, burn fat, and keep you motivated as you work towards achieving your goals. This is done for you automatically by the treadmill simply adjusting the incline and speed. The only thing you need to worry about is hitting the start button.

Long Lasting

The Proform ZT3 uses a 1.5 CHP Mach Motor to ensure that you can enjoy a smooth, consistent workout for years to come, despite the frequency at which you use the machine.


This treadmill comes with a 5-Year Motor and 90 Days Parts & Labor Warranty.


69 x 28 x 12 inches

154 pounds

User Reviews

Users have praised the ZT3, with special mention going to the sturdiness of the machine, the workout programs, as well as the minimal noise made when the machine is in operation. However, a couple of users have also found a couple of things to complain about.

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Any Complaints?

As mentioned, the ZT3 promises to maintain smooth, consistent operation for years to come. However, this only seems to be the case if the treadmill is not constantly running at a high intensity pace. As with all treadmills (apart from the ones in the $4,000 + range), the higher the intensity you put the machine through, the higher the likelihood the motor will wear.

While this treadmill suffers from this problem- albeit the speed of wear is significantly lower than the vast majority of treadmills on the market- unless you are planning to push the Profrom ZT3 to its limit on a daily basis, you should have no problem, i.e. if you train as much as  professional athletes do then this piece of equipment might not be for you.

oform ZT3 Treadmill Review

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