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Smooth fitness elliptical trainer reviews

Smooth Fitness
Smooth Fitness Elliptical Trainer ReviewsThe aptly named Smooth Fitness is able to offer users smooth, comfortable ellipticals at good value for money prices. This is because they cut out the middleman, preferring to sell their models directly to consumers. Although in recent years the company have allowed Amazon to stock their machines.


Compact Design – Smooth’s ellipticals are uniquely designed in the way that they offer large performance with a small footprint, making them ideal for those with limited space for exercise equipment in their home.

Heavy Flywheels – The general rule is that the heavier the flywheel the smoother and more natural the stride motion is, and Smooth Fitness’ machines are no exception, with their flywheels weighing anywhere between 22 and 48 pounds.

Rollerless Design – As already mentioned, Smooth’s ellipticals are uniquely designed; take their rollerless design, for example, which allows for a silent and smooth workout. Another benefit is how minimal maintenance of their machines is required.

The Agile Trainer – Smooth Fitness have recently come out with something called the Agile Trainer, which has had the fitness world talking. While the norm for ellipticals is a single pattern of elliptical motion, the Agile Trainer offers up to 12 different elliptical motions, which allows you to burn more calories in less time.

Technological Features – We’re not just talking about workout programs and resistance levels here – although there are many options to choose from – but more the built-in speakers, MP3 ports, and best of all MySmooth, which allows you to go online and customize a workout that is in line with your fitness goals.


Limited Availability – The only thing of note to complain about is Smooth Fitness’ machines limited availability. But as the company is starting to use retailers like Amazon to stock their products, this is not as much of an issue as before.


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