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Sole elliptical trainer reviews

Sole Elliptical Trainer ReviewsSole Fitness line of elliptical trainers have been gaining in popularity in recent years, with many being found in hotel chains like The Hilton and Omni, as well as homes and gyms across the country. This is because Sole not only have a good reputation in the industry, but also because their machines are known to be reliable.


Excellent Reputation – Sole’s elliptical trainers can always be counted on, which explains the company’s stellar reputation in the fitness and particularly elliptical trainer world.

Smooth, Natural Stride – Sole machines typically aren’t squeaky, imposing, noisy, or clunky in the slightest. Instead, they are quiet, comfortable to use, and provide users with a smooth, natural stride motion. Many of the company’s models coming with built-in workout fans also doesn’t hurt.

Reliable – Sole elliptical trainers are designed to last, with very tough and high quality materials being used in manufacturing process. The company is known for machines that can withstand frequent use and abuse, which is why popular hotel chains stock them.

Well-Priced – The majority of Sole’s ellipticals are similar to the ones you find in high-end, commercial gyms. Fortunately, though, you aren’t required to pay typical commercial grade quality prices for one.

Adjustable – As many of Sole’s machines provide users with adjustable incline options, as well as the ability to adjust the angle of the foot pedals, you are able to get into a comfortable workout position, reduce fatigue and eliminate injury, and exercise for longer.


Assembly – As Sole elliptical trainers are heavy for stability purposes  and have complex inner workings, assembling one will likely take you several hours.


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